T-Systems is a worldwide operating ICT provider founded in October 2000. It belongs to Deutsche Telekom AG and its central office is located in Bonn, Germany. Within Deutsche Telekom AG it is responsible for multinational corporations and public-sector institutions. It operates in more than 20 countries (e. g. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, India, etc.) and employs approx. 25,000 employees in Germany, 1,150 employees in India, 1,600 employees in France, 3,000 employees in Spain and 45,300 worldwide (2010) of which 12,000 are make up its Systems Integration unit. During 2007, around 3,700 jobs were cut but the number of employees stayed roughly the same due to acquisitions T-Systems made. In summer of 2009, T-Systems announced to cut another 3,000 jobs in Germany by the end of 2010.