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Thread: Adobe CS6 launches in South Africa

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    Default Adobe CS6 launches in South Africa

    Adobe Creative Suite 6 launched in SA

    The newest version of Adobe’s Creative Suite, which includes software like Photoshop and After Effects, has launched in SA

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    The new Photoshop CS6 looks awesome - especially the content aware stuff.

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    I recall the time gaps being so short between CS3, CS4 and CS5 that you never had time to look forward to the next edition. Now we had over 2 years.

    Loving the New Blur Gallery and Adaptive Wide Angle functions. Very neat.
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    I have CS6 Master Edition and i am NOT impressed with the speed at all. From illustrator to PS it is laggy. The brushes in PS are laggy. CS5 is must more snappier.

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    I really am thinking of going back to CS5 - the new features in CS6 are just not worth the speed sacrifice.

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    cs6=R price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shardie View Post
    I have CS6 Master Edition and i am NOT impressed with the speed at all.
    More overpriced bloat no doubt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertvv View Post
    cs6=R price?
    $ 3,159 = +- R 25k at the Adobe store.


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    yep as I was saying - look at the resources used by Dreamweaver and Coda - The EXACT same php file os open and it contains only 54 php lines of code.

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    Here is Dreamweaver CS 5 resource usage. Opened the same file as the one above in CS 6

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