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Thread: Rain LTE-A from Mweb Wrong usage Report with no responce from Mweb

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    Default Rain LTE-A from Mweb Wrong usage Report with no responce from Mweb

    I got the Rain lte through Mweb on the 17th of August, and all went well until the 1st of September when Rain pushed a firmware update onto my Router that now displays a custom usage page and therefore does not allow me to chek my own correct usage!
    If I go onto my account on mweb, it shows that I have already reached my capping, witch is not correct. If I go to my daily usage for the month of September, it actually displays the correct usage of 60gig out of 110gig. i know this is correct since there is days that shows no usage and those days I was not at home. Futhermore, usage notifications are turned on for SMS and email at 50,70,90 and 100%, and I did not receive a single notification except for last night when I got the Sorry you have reached a 100% of your cap SMS.
    I would have expected that this is a simple admin problem or at least some explanation from Mweb, but after 5 phone calls, the last being yesterday morning, and speaking to a manager that gave the normal"I promise I will personally get back to you bull****", Mweb chooses to ignore the problem.
    Unfortunately I have already made the monthly payment for October, and means I will now have to go to the Bank to reverse the payment to cancell this Rain Lte service. I cant have a service where I get ripped off and the service provider does nothing to correct it.September usage.docxdaily usage September.docx

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    there is complaining with other posts already, Afrihost as well. eish, maybe I have to come to fix it for them.

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