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    City to meet with mosque over notice to stop 'noisy' call to prayer

    I'm glad to see that ppl actually take a stand against Religion now, and it no longer gets a free pass that it has enjoyed over the past few hundred years...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    Won't know yet ;) Don't worry, I get the speeds that you're talking, and I just don't discount the possibilities as I like to try keep an open mind. Those are insane speeds that we definitely couldn't attain right now but 70 years ago if I told you about the Smartphone that is better than your...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    I'm not picking on you lol. I like the questions you ask and what you think about ^_^ Technological advances are generally incremental. We wouldn't suddenly develop the ability to go light speed without having some safety measures to protect against the things you talk of. Well I'd hope...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    You can't know that with 100% certainty!! And I'm not saying that isn't what would happen either, but you make some very definitive statements that you wouldn't be able to back up. Yes, from our limited point of view, it may take that long as we'd have to travel at a snail's pace. But just...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    Soooo the Columbus is on the ISS. It doesn't have heat protection, as it's not designed for re-entry. Do you perchance mean the Columbia space shuttle? Besides, the Apollo Command Units units (used for various missions, as well as the moon landing) had ablative heat shields for atmospheric...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    Well people fly thousands of kilometres to other countries to just look at the scenery for a few days and I wonder how this must appear to people that (have to) walk everywhere vOv I'm not saying that there are aliens visiting Earth, but by definition, Alien is alien and maybe Aliens' thinking...
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    What is your view on UFOs?

    Got any proof/evidence to substantiate that? If true and there's proof, this could be groundbreaking, and you could win a Nobel prize or something!
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    Please Rate Vox

    I'm still using the old Fatpipe 400; only had one or 2 issues, it's been great
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    For all its strengths, Office 365 can still leave you exposed. Find out why you need a solution that not only mirrors the layered security built for on-premises solutions, but also ensures uninterrupted access to Office 365 email, even when it crashes.
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