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  • Post 4. Later the lady mentioned something about a cancellation penalty that was not paid. I have received no such invoice or a request to pay anything. What !! So I cancelled the ADSL line and has a fibre line installed also via Telkom / Openserve .. now I must pay a cancellation fee.. what stupidity. Well, Im still busy with the case and will keep everyone updated... Please just make notes what you do and when !!
    Post 3 . I received an SMS today at 10.22 from P&P attorneys indicating that I have an outstanding amount. 40 minutes later at 11.24 they sent another SMS demanding payment or legal action will be taken because I have not responded!! They called and we discussed the matter. They apologised about the SMS's . It was clear that they were not sure why there was an outstanding. Later the lady...... see post 4
    Post 2. So to continue .. I called 10210 lodge an dispute. They took some notes ... still the invoices kept on coming. I sent a email to natcc@Telkom.co.za... the invs just kept on coming.. I went to CPA who referred me to Icasa.. nothing helped I eventually had to reverse the debit orders via my bank because this was mounting up in rand terms. Telkom eventually cancelled the service .. when I don't know.
    Post 1 Its a nightmare. After terminating my land line and all services, Telkom simply continued to bill me. I went to the N1 City service centre and they said I must apply online. I did this and got a ref number but the bills just kept on coming.. I went back to the service centre and they confirmed that the line has been cancelled and that they will contact their billing dept about it.
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