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    How South Africa could pay for a universal basic income

    Read up about Gesara and Nesara which will happen soon.Its happening in the States already. Would have happened long ago if murder of Kennedy and 9/11 never happened.
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    As it’s a solid state drive, the Seagate Expansion SSD also offers greater reliability and much faster transfer speeds than typical external hard drives Article 2: With up to 5TB of storage, you will have space for hundreds of full-length movies, thousands of series episodes, or hundreds of...
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    Car trouble

    Have a Computer scan diagnosis done by a reputable mechanic.
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    The Great Reset Thread

    Read about Gesara alternative .America is being prepared for Nesara .Exciting times ahead.
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    Help needed for contact person in Vodacom Accounts dept.

    I need to contact a senior person in Vodacom accounts dept to help with my screwed up account. Can someone please supply contact person info whom I can communicate with regarding my problem.
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    Eskom wants solar panel users to pay more for electricity

    Let each province build their own pebble bed reactor system privately and sell electricity .
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    Cape Town says it’s ready to leave Eskom and load shedding behind – but needs national government to catch up

    Wonder what happened to the SA design of Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor to generate electricity.
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    strongest metal epoxy glue to glue car door hinges

    Try spot welding.Most panel beaters have such a device.The welding done looks very bad.Any good boilermaker/Tig/Co2 welder can make a permanent repair .Alternatively use a nut/bolt ,pop rivet joint. The joint must be welded in a tack mode space evenly apart. Tig,MIg/Mag welding is ideal .The...
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    Concerns over COVID-19 vaccines being stolen in South Africa

    If your immune system is compromised and you have a chronic disease then the risks are very much higher of coming a candidate for Covid 19 infection .But if your immune system is strong and you are healthy then the risk is vey low of becoming infected with Covid 19.
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    Government to look at basic income grant for South Africa: Ramaphosa

    Follow DR Charlie Ward on you tube//internet regarding Nesara or Gesara .He is the official spokesmen for the -World Wide Quantum Financial,Education and Political system.Quatum Banking system is already being implemented worldwide.Swift money system has been replaced.Digital currency on its...
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    Glue for Glass

    Try Glue hot gun,Use it just about on .any thing