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    Vodacom pushing out bloatware updates?

    So I noticed on my only stock device (Note 2) that there was a large automatic update available, excited to get to 4.3 with warranty intact I installed it. Turns out even on a Vodacom prepaid sim the rom flashed is INSANELY bloated with unremovable software well and above what samsung even...
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    Been looking for a decent GPS navigation solution for my HTC Hero running 2.1 (rooted) for some time now as Ndrive wouldn't cut it (kept losing navigation randomly) and lost compatibility with newer android revisions. In this journey I heard of Copilot but have since found it extremely difficult...
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    Starcraft 2 INSANE pricing???

    So browsing Btgames' PC release schedule ( I noticed they added Starcraft 2 for a May release (I'm guessing this is a......guess on their part)....but what truly concerns me is I see it listed for R665! More than TWICE what pc games usually go for and...