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    TELKOM LTE constantly dis/reconnecting

    I use that apn by default and this issue still persists
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    TELKOM LTE constantly dis/reconnecting

    My dsl is up and down . My telkom lte keeps losing connection. My rain and Vodacom sim are also going offline occasionally, place is messed up since yesterday
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    Pre-order iPhone 8 from MyiStore

    Yea plus size becomes very normal very fast
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    Certified pre-owned

    Well there is this
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    Why iOS is better than Android!

    Pity can't try this now.. gave the phone to someone else
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    Why iOS is better than Android!

    Well actually it does, if the app is designed to run in the background.. it can. Why you would want the majority of apps to run in the background..i'm not so sure.
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    Why iOS is better than Android!

    How do you stop an android app from accessing your contacts, messages, photos, mic ... etc. I was going to download this one app from the store and it says it needed access to just about everything and a dna sample if it could. Is there somewhere you can block it from all that and still use the...
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    iPhone 6

    Opinions opinions..
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    iPhone 6

    Interestingly enough I wrote a pretty hectic algorithm on my computer, a I7 3.4ghz 4770. Got it all peachy, ported the code to objective C directly and then ran it on my ipad mini v1 using an apple A5 1.0ghz dual core chip. The code runs 4x faster on my ipad.. than it does on my pc 0_o.....
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    Limited Connectivity to Iphone 5 hotspot

    Most likely the IP network settings on the laptops are static, maybe even just the DNS part. Check that.
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    Is this a good deal or a typo?

    the old non retina wifi only does go for 3k at a few places
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    App ideas for developers

    I doubt the banks would ever allow us to do such a thing. Closest you would get would be their own banking app
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    Unlock 4s on locked on UK O2

    you can pay a small fee to O2 and then they tell apple to unlock the phone and then just plug it into itunes and it will unlock
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    IPAD App to listen to music from your Wifi PC network!

    I actually wrote an app just to do this, simple easy to use winmap control, havent put it on the app store :/
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    Iphone 5 overheating issues

    Here's what I have discovered, using my iphone 5 on cell c at home, the battery will die fast and the phone will get warm. Forcing it to use a vodacom tower with much better signal at home I can go 3 days, never gets warm, tons of usage. My friends phone does the same thing on cell c, forcing it...