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    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    I have already contacted support. using VPN i can access black and other CellC services. without VPN i can't
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    Avoid Cell C Fixed LTE product

    I guess most of us not using internet for downloads i will look into this with our package.
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    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    First is for - which never opens and - also never opens
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    Career Change?

    Programming in any language is good enough, mastering a language is a big deal but being productive takes the boredom out it shouldn't be about a particular career but passion for what you do, not for money but that comes regardless if you got solid projects. If i were to use C# I would look...
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    Node.js and Angular.js Developers - Sandton

    When i see topic like this thinking it's a good discussion based on the technology then find out its job related it just makes me want to bang my head to the wall
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    Contract Dev Work

    That is very interesting.
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    Payment gateways

    I would not recommend FNB and PayPal. Paypal works best out of south africa since they offer VISA Cards, in south africa SAGE would be the best! Try other options including SID, VCS etc...
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    Offerforge Payments - Do they Pay ?

    If i may ask was this resolved? i did receive payments from them at times support is just absent.
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    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    What i really don't understand is whether Afrihost blocks certain websites when using their service, I am unable to access CELL C Black on Afrihost Fixed Wireless LTE, All CellC websites are blocked but why is this an issue ?
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    Avoid Cell C Fixed LTE product

    The closer you are from the tower the better.
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    Avoid Cell C Fixed LTE product

    This is CELL C Fixed, took with Afrihost.
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    Learners and License

    Corruption Corruption....