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    Xbox Series X / S

    I am looking at the LG Nano86 series as they support Adaptive Sync and I am biased towards LG.
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    ONE DAY Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs for ONE lucky winner

    The 30gig data for R199 is a really great deal and the fact that MTN has better coverage in my areas of interest also helps.
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    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part II

    It is my understanding the tears in the rain monologue was improvised.
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    What the new South African plug standard means for your old plugs

    This and old article but I think still relevant given how many of my Ellies plugs have failed.. Source
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    The F-35 thread

    The report on the F-35 crash at Englin Air Force base is out. That lists goes from pilot error right down to previously unknown software design features that makes the tail unresponsive. Source
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    South Africa’s new sockets and plugs - All the details

    So the question becomes where do we find SABS rated multi plugs since most of the available multi plugs are junk and in some cases dangerous.
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    Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Microsoft 365 Phishing attack With email continuing to be the most widely-used attack vector, organizations are moving in droves to layer their email security defenses. Protect against the evolving cyber threat landscape and kick tomorrow's cyberattacks to the curb. 95% of attacks leverage...
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    Do you personally know of anybody who has died of the virus and 100 per cent confirmed by an autopsy? South Africa only.

    I personally know 7 people that contracted of which 2 passed away presenting a 29% fatality rate in my sample size.
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    The F-35 thread

    That surprises me since I though that system will be common across all three air frames.
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    The F-35 thread

    The final seconds of the F-35.
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    The F-35 thread

    I thought it was what when lightning is preset due the system for making the fuel tanks inert not working properly.
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    The F-35 thread

    ATC audio from the crash is available here from LiveATC Source
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    The F-35 thread

    The USMC deployed some F-35's the the British Queen Elizabeth. Source
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    The F-35 thread

    The USMC lost and F-35 and has a C-130 badly damaged due to a mid air incident while refueling. Source