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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Hi Can you please assist me, switched from mweb to Afrihost recently. On the mitchells fibre portal the fibre line show's active(on service page), so i contacted the afrihost customer service on whatsapp twice, they logged a ticket to vuma reach, vuma reach say's everything is fine their side...
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    Need my fibre line released

    If you can get my line free, I'll sign on with you guys.
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    Need my fibre line released

    Hi, I have proof and did that already, received this message. "You will need to please follow up on the status of your cancellation with your ISP please" I honestly don't know what to do anymore lol
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    Need my fibre line released

    I cancelled with @MWEBHelp(27th October) and waited the notice period, I called customer service, contacted via FB and have multiple pending queries. Yet..... my fibre line has not been released, why? What can I do when the ISP ignores all requests to release my line? Is it time to call in lawyers?