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    Synology DiskStation DS220+ NAS Review

    Comprehensive test! Good job
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    Took my lockdown project live last week, its a site that helps clients find and rate financial advisers. Hoping this can contribute to better outcomes for people needing financial advisers by offering more choice and searchability, with real client feedback through a structured and fair...
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    Synology NAS reviewers needed - You get to keep the device

    Would this be an upgrade on a 6 year old HP microserver running linux that has crashed once during that time? Let's see..
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    Firebase/ Bigquery/ Data Studio

    Looking for someone with experience in this pattern to help with a project on a consulting basis to create a dashboard and set up reports. PM me
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    Router Battery Backup

    I got this guy as both my ont and router are 12v. Hassle free and lasts 4+ hours.
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    MTN 100GB Anytime + 100GB Night Surfer Contract - R349 p/m

    Can this be added to a payg sim? Ie upgraded to a contract for data only, but stay on payg for voice? I am currently using afrihost data ...
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    The UIF TERS benefit disaster thread

    2 friends small company staff got payouts this week, it is working.... slowly
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    Online Poker

    Pokerrr app
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    Online Poker

    Pokerrrr and zoom ftw
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    React, Firebase Freelancer

    Maybe someone has a gap now that can help?
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    React, Firebase Freelancer

    Looking for some help on a project. Inbox me if you have some capacity (not full time)
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    How long did your car battery last?

    Just checked my invoices and my last battery purchase was 5,5 years ago. I am having to condition it at the weekends so it doesn't key me down until it goes for service in a few weeks. Genuine w203 battery from Mercedes
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    It's on their app, so implies it is. I see now perhaps I should have generated this virtual card thing....
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I was upsold to the black card on the basis of lounge access. I checked it on and it promised acces to all the loungekey lounges (there is an app which says where they are). I went to the bidvest lounge at East London airport and they didn't accept discovery black card. Anyone with any...