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    20 shares South Africans should be looking at ahead of the 2019 elections

    Which of the Top40 local shares in your view are offering value?
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    Your top 3 movies of all time

    Kellys Heroes Die Hard series Forrest Gump So hard to pick only 3
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    20 shares South Africans should be looking at ahead of the 2019 elections

    The Stock Market is a gamble, but what if the SA Inc shares do have a run up in the second half of 2019. Up until now its the dual listed, the resource counters and few select shares that have held up the Top 40, that position can change quickly if the Rand strengthens a Rand or two and...
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    ASSIA upped my ADSL2+ speed to 24959kbps.

    Been connected for 15 days now with no resets or interruptions. Is it coincidence that the threat of FTTH ensures a stable ADSL connection. LOL. My troubles are not over with ADSL, we installed a new line at our holiday home but the attenuation is 65dB on the downstream. Been on the line with...
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    Fibre is killing ADSL

    And Telkoms share price continues to make new highs, what am I missing.
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    Youtube must see vids part 2

    +1 Thanks for the share. I met my wife in 1985, lots of memories in this music. Another great version. :-)
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    Considering ADSL speed upgrade - advice needed

    Not if you have a Capped Account with your ISP. With a Capped Account you may connect at any speed and dial in from another location too. I'm on Openserve 300Gb Pro Capped through WebAfrica.
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    What oil at $100 a barrel would mean for the world economy

    Even if we had that ability and I believe that some day we may well, the base price of fuel in South Africa is determined by the Rand Dollar price of oil on the international markets. I doubt the Government is going to joepardise their cash cow in regards to fuel levies and taxation. We will...
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    My friend does the park run in around 25 to 26 minutes and he is 59 years old.
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    Considering ADSL speed upgrade - advice needed

    I did the 10Mb to 20Mb ADSL2+ upgrade last year and changed back to 10Mb in Feb, not because of the price but because of the line noise and interrupted service I experienced which I am convinced now was purely coincidental as there was a dirty connection on some pole somewhere that has in the...
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    Listen to this little nugget in regards to Eskom

    Watching the Business Day Channel I came across this gem from Editing Allowed at position 23:54 when the debate revolved around Eskom issues. Black guy states: The white lady presenter chips in: LOL
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    Western Cape ranked best-run province in South Africa

    We don't get to hear 95% of the stuff that goes on in squatter camps and similar informal and formal settlements. One of our staff was murdered at the end of last month, shot in the face, apparently they came to rob him of what I am unsure, could only have been possessions as I know he wasn't...
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    ASSIA upped my ADSL2+ speed to 24959kbps.

    Thanks for your interest. Yep, I'm a little over a catty's length away from the Exchange hence the attenuation. I did have 20Mbps ADSL2+ last year for a few months and then in August last year the connection started giving problems. Earlier this year I called Telkom and told them to drop it...
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    To close off on my input. I got the 2 x Mi Box S units, orange box sealed from a local re-seller as already mentioned on previous page of this thread Unsealed the boxes, paired them to my phone, updated both, installation was a breeze. Returned the 2 Migica 495x units to Makro, there is simply...
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    ASSIA upped my ADSL2+ speed to 24959kbps.

    Internet was quite terrible over summer, often copping out at around 20h00 for some reason or other.....but things seem to be looking up a bit with ADSL here. Openserve were up on a neighbouring pole recently and ever since for some reason the internet appears to be stable and can hold a link...