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    Popcru calls Malema SAPS comments 'irresponsible threats'

    Bheki Cele tells police to ’protect themselves’ after ‘reckless’ Julius Malema threats Oh gosh yes I agree! But when the useless leader of the EFF spews out garbage about other citizens of this country, the Police sit on their hands, the Government at large say and do nothing while we must just...
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    US Election 2020 - The Result

    I asked a close relative who did Political Science at Uni why the Democrats won and the simple answer from her was that when more people in the US actually come out to vote the Democrats always win.
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    South Africa’s tax base is shrinking

    I thought he was going to tie the young white people to a tree.
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    South Africa’s tax base is shrinking

    Like the face Cyril made when he stated that he was shocked about the load shedding earlier this year.
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    All the companies which Johan Rupert's Remgro owns

    In my mind I keep coming back to the VBS looting, as I fully believe that the greedy ones will want to get their hands on some more dosh soon, if they aren't already loading up right now with some other scheme. While many say the country is stuffed, I'm an optimist by nature, however if these...
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    All the companies which Johan Rupert's Remgro owns

    The IMF’s $4bn loan for South Africa: the pros, cons and potential pitfalls The alarming part is this. Literally one year to the day, like Rupert said, the ANC got a loan or bailout from the IMF. He must have some super duper crystal ball. Call the loan/bailout what you want, it would never...
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    Farm Attacks

    The ANC are a bunch of liars and crooks, SAPS are their lackys.
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    AfriForum wins decade-long struggle to register with UN

    3 times a day we need farmers 0 times a day we need politicians Let that sink in for those that are arguing over trivial stuff here.
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    All the companies which Johan Rupert's Remgro owns

    I notice Ruperts prediction of an IMF bailout within 1 year made on the 25th of July 2019 came true.
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    Which credit card is not useless for overseas transactions ?

    There was fraud from some entity posing as Google Adsense a few years back. My Standard Bank Corporate Card was charged several times, I only picked it up a few weeks later and contacted Standard Bank who reversed the transaction.
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    Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card release delayed

    They could delay the release until Christmas I'm not forking out that kind of money.
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    All the companies which Johan Rupert's Remgro owns

    Not only jobs, other entrepreneurs too. Not highlighted in the article or I didn't pick it up at a quick glance. Remgro owns Business Partners, previously SBDC. I was a recipient of a loan from Small Business Development Corporation back in 1993. It enabled us to become property and business...
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    The DA is in total crisis.

    At the end of the day its just that. Its difficult to find an honest politician, notably so in South Africa. A vote for the ANC/EFF et al is a vote for corruption, mismanagement and lawlessness. The DA must get their leadership act together. If Helen is a thorn in the works then she should...
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    Switching to fibre? Here's what you need to know

    When checking for Fibre Availability in your area be sure you have the correct street number, or rather the number that appears inside the junction box outside your wall. We had a problem as the street number we are familiar with did not correspond with the number inside the box. This small and...