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    How to import from GearBest and more

    BG cancelled 2 of my orders for 3d printer fans. The reason; (Sorry that South Africa Direct Mail Tax Free is not available for shipment of the item as it is magnetic.)
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    How to import from GearBest and more

    Ordered two 3d printer fans from banggood Jan 15 2021, received a notification from buffalo+paxi yesterday that the parcel is on it's way to my local Pep.
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    Damning evidence surfaces regarding mass airtime theft from Vodacom customers

    Theft, fraud and corruption seems to be the new normal in ZA.
  4. C - no delivery

    I feel the same, ordered and paid for an item "in stock" but no tracking nr up to now. (9 days)
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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    Yes. Absa online banking still on 800mb for R99.
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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    Telkom told me my street address i not covered by telkom that is why i am on VC roaming.
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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    *123# deals not available on a Telkom-Vodacom roaming connection. Just saw that the old freeme bundles has changed, never noticed.
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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    For a long time now i buy freeme bundles from absa online and there is no mo-nice option.
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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    Received only 500mb!!
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    R99 for 500MB??? eish!!

    Yesterday i've recharged with a R99 Freeme 800mb bundle at 13h00, but received only 500mb. What's the problem??
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    Loot takes on Takealot with new digital marketplace

    I buy from Loot every now and then, cos they still have the normal EFT option which disappeared from Takealot.
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    Which online shops do you use regularly?

    Banggood, ebay, loot, busy moving away as buyer from BoB cos browsing their "new" website is a pain and a punishment.
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    HiSense U972
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    Wanted: Anet A8 3d printer motherboard.

    Thx for the Buffalo tip, received my board this morning via Buffalo/Paxi and it's up and running. Received a V1.7 instead of V1.0 but no problems when printing.