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    Do you still listen to the radio?

    Hot 91,9 only
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    Test your broadband speed and win R5,000 cash

    Vox telecom Ping: 15ms Download: 47.46Mbps Upload: 36.21Mbps Location: Edenvale
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    Nedbank Avo App Promotion – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    DIGITAL HOME ENTERTAINMENT All the entertainment you need is on Avo
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    Nedbank Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Receive payments into your free mobile business wallet, and EFT funds from your wallet to any bank account.
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    Do you shop at Dion Wired?

    bad service, average price, nothing spectacular
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    Test your mobile speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Vodacom-SA Kempton Park Ping: 40ms Download: 48.32Mbps Upload: 4.76Mbps
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    New Giveaway – Win great prizes

    20MP rear camera, Quad camera, 256gb Storage
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    Mongolian style restaurant

    Emperors palace has similar - teppanyaki