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    DStv Explora to get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

    Fiber is now spreading to townships, dstv days are numbered. Internet is getting faster and cheaper. The only thing keeping me is the sports channels. Still looking for alternatives.
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    This could be the iPhone 9 launch date

    Sadly we can't be excited about the price of this iPhone in South Africa even though it sounds reasonable because they will find a reason to add R5000 and sell it for R11000.
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    Vodacom's roaming deal with Liquid Telecom must be probed - Telkom

    I'm with vodacom on this one. This deal favors us consumers to get quicker 5G access. The government release of spectrum has taken too long..
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    Vivo smartphones launched in South Africa

    I wonder if oneplus will ever launch in South Africa. Still waiting for that day
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 43ms Download: 38.9Mbps Upload: 6.85Mbps
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    What you can buy for the price of an iPhone 11 Pro Max in South Africa

    It would be much more helpful if the article reveals the difference between buying this phone in USA and in South Africa then tell us how do we get from R16000 in USA to R30000 in South Africa
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    The iPhone 12 could have no notch

    ...with no pop up camera yet still has front facing camera/s and sensors. That's the important part
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    Best iPhone 11 contracts in SA

    This just show how expensive living in SA can be. It's not just the iPhone. Everything is unreasonably expensive here compared to most countries.
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    Your top 3 TV series of all time

    1. Prison break 2. Game of Thrones 3. Breaking bad
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    DStv price cuts in Africa

    Once we all get 5G coverage( which will compete with fibre) RIP multichoice .
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    Samsung launches Galaxy Note 10

    Ok I'm confused here. What I know is that the note 10 doesn't have expendable storage only the note 10 plus have it. Can you please confirm your info.
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    5 smartphones still coming in 2019

    I just want the smartphone industry to stop obsessing over bazeless phones and focus on more important things like better battery life.
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    3 months free Netflix for Telkom users

    I recieved 3 months Netflix voucher to my existing account. Awsome.
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    Samsung working on foldable clamshell smartphone

    It's one of those " We'll do it because we can" there's really no need for this. The galaxy fold on the other hand has a purpose. It's both a smartphone and tablet in a compact form