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    Cell C responds to ratings downgrade

    Honestly, they got in over their head. I suspect the only way forwards will be for them to declare bankruptcy, and the assets will be sold off to lowish prices to Telkom/MTN/Voda/Rain or whoever and they will use it better. Cell C ran their debt up way too high. It is now drowning them. Be it...
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    Official "Interesting pictures" thread - Part Three

    If American ammo is called "Freedom's" would Russian ammo be called "Pew-tins"?
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    Free the Western Cape

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    Free the Western Cape

    The land of Gauteng has little to do with that wealth creation. The wealth is created by the skills of the people doing the work. If they mostly flee to the Cape, the wealth creation will go with them.
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    Use of old South African flag in avatars

    I thought the way I put it was fairly polite and would represent a problem a large portion of the community would also be experiencing. It was a friendly request to think of others, apologies if that offends you. I do find your response a bit antisocial and rude, which is not usually the style...
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    Use of old South African flag in avatars

    Not at all. One day sounds very reasonable. Awesome pic that by the way, exactly the type of image that displays why we should not be banning it completely. Serious sacrifices where made under that flag for good too.
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    South African Fibre Survey - Win prizes worth R10,000

    Done. My fibre line is 8MB with Afrihost but as there was no option for 8MB I selected the closest which is 10.
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    Use of old South African flag in avatars

    It is a little NSFW though. In an open office browsing a forum is fairly common but if my co-workers see me browsing a forum filled with old SA flags they may get the wrong idea. So while I respect the push back on how ridiculous the argument is I would prefer if people don't use it as an...
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    Free the Western Cape

    Probably not, skills are always welcome, and please note this is me trying to be hypothetical about how people in that situation would feel. I'm not saying I'm pro any of this. I imagine the immigration rules of a independent WC would be similar to Southern Europe and how they deal with migrant...
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    Women to get gender neutral rugby world cup from 2021

    To the 27 people in the world who watch this event I am sure this will make a big difference. I feel sorry for any woman who likes competing in sport right now.
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    Free the Western Cape

    To control future elections and ensure the people who currently vote DA outnumber potential ANC voters, also poor people need feeding and there is already a lot of unemployed cheap labour in the WC without getting any more.
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    Free the Western Cape

    The WC is a net contributor to the fiscus for sure so it would probably be richer post a split, however, does anyone know how much electricity it imports (if any)? I suspect in an event where it does try split off it would be inundated with refugees. Say they block black refugees and only accept...
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    Could I voluntarily have my vehicle repossessed?

    Don't do that. The problem is you then lose control of the sale, and the bank could flog it for far less than its true value and then you are owing far more than 75K. Always try retain as much control as you can. Sell it privately rather as you are almost certain to get a better deal. Better yet...
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    South Africa inflation rate drops to six-month low in July

    There are multiple private organisations that track the same baskets of the goods in similar fashion to keep StatsSA honest. Its the one thing (along with petrol price calc) that really can't be fiddled too much as the methodology is fairly clear and anyone can do the same calc and call BS if...
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    Free the Western Cape

    If it did happen it would be very involuntary. However, in a situation where the country has collapsed enough that the majority of the people in the WC want to go it solo the ANC would not have the means to stop them. Anyone with money would flee to the Cape and it would succeed and buy its...