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    WATCH | Police probe bizarre crash into sea

    Ouch. A old Golf. 70's crash cage technology. Now if she had suffered a concussion and he laceration to his penis...
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    The latest shows you can watch on Netflix, Showmax, and Video Play

    Hellboy? The new one is terrible. My kids love the old version. This one just sucks. Gory violence, bad storyline, horrible CGI. Its just another desperate reboot
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    Wife getting divorced wants R5600 extra maintenance to pay for dogs

    I really need to see what breed these two are. I swear - if he's forking out that for two pugs...
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    JPMorgan to spend billions to fix racial wealth gap

    Optics. Nothing major will change.
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    Hotel owner found stabbed to death in his swimming pool

    Sorry - but based on previous cases - its someone who knew him. Had a murder near me a few years ago. Doctor who was shot through the window in his study. His wife ran out and saw a minibus driving off. Police arrested her a few days later for his murder. The neighbor's security camera showed...
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    Why is our infection rate so low all of a sudden??

    Lets wait 2 months, then see what it looks like.
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    The 'Massive' Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    We haven't had a drop of rain in the Meyerton area since last Saturday. I was out cycling when I heard about the massive storms in Johannesburg. 8 months ago I'd have been stuck in traffic during this mess...
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    The 'Massive' Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    The weather will be great. Until Saturday. Then we will have historical storms, including a cloudburst over SuikerbosRand Nature Reserve. Meaning I'd have to cancel my first hiking trip in 7 months.
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    How one piece of hardware took down a $6trn stock market

    I'd be shocked, and surprised - if I hadn't spent a few years working in the banking sector.
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    Salary cuts and work-from-home during lockdown level 1

    This shitshow is far from over - you are still going to see some ridiculous stuff happening.
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    Ethiopian Airlines willing to provide pilots and planes for new SAA

    Ethiopian Airlines. I remember a memorable flight out of Dar Es Salaam. The only thing to drink on the flight was quarts of Black Label. And after the first person used the toilet - blue liquid started trickling down the passageway.
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    Do you personally know of anybody who has died of the virus and 100 per cent confirmed by an autopsy? South Africa only.

    I know of three people who were hospitalized with it and all survived, but only one without lasting complications. She's in her early 20's and after 4 weeks in the ICU was discharged. The other two are in their early 40's - the one is still recovering after more than 3 months - used to run ultra...