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  • Hey there, individual being reading this. hope that you are well, Just a question, quick and simple, i have a complex 44 units, i want to run my own business and manage this and was wondering if it would be reasonable to install a 200Mbps / 200Mbps Fiber into a server room inside the complex into a CISCO layer 3 from the fiber box, then run rj45's to each unit with a wifi modem connecting to that end, my problem is -
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    how would you recommend managing each units usage? say unit 1 wants 1 gig and pays R1 per month, unit 2 wants 20gigs and pays R20 per month. how would you go about having a portal for each units usage? my only guess is to setup the CISCO in such a way that it is the management device in this instance? trying my luck to see if there is something i am unaware of.
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