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    iOS 9 GM released

    That's what I thought as well, but after I did a clean install (only contacts were automatically restored from iCloud) last week of iOS 9, the phone happily connected to my dentist's network today while sitting in the waiting room, although I have not specified the password again. Strange, but...
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    iOS 9 GM released

    If do a clean install with iOS 9 GM, it works just great. Definitely faster than iOS 8 on the iPhone 6, although not by a huge margin. Upgrades may differ of course, and I cannot vouch that the case will be the same for older devices. One weird thing I noticed across iOS 8 and 9, is that...
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    iOS 9 GM released

    On which devices are they complaining about laggyness, and in what sense do you feel that Apple dropped the ball?
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    iOS 9 GM released

    The GM is absolutely buttery smooth on the iPhone 6. No complaints whatsoever. All the apps seems to be working, bar the one SA-developed one I have installed: News24. No big surprise there that it isn't ready for iOS 9.
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    iOS 9 GM released

    As you might have heard, the GM version of iOS 9 have been released. Can confirm that you do not need to be a developer to install & activate it.
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    Apple's next-generation iPhone/iPad Media Event! (2015)

    You can download the livestream here:
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    Apple's next-generation iPhone/iPad Media Event! (2015)

    iOS 9 GM is available now for developers:
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    Digging into MTN’s R408m Afrihost deal

    Can't find this on the main page, so I guess RPM has not run this story yet. Interesting read though, which gives you a glimpse of how these deals look like and work on the inside.
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    Tidal: CD-quality Lossless Music Streaming Service

    Tidal's CD-quality lossless music streaming service is now also available in SA. Currently on the 7-day free trial and must say it is quite good. Anyone else also trying it out?
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    Vodacom data users get free LTE roaming on Vodafone

    Can somebody please explain this? Which part is free? Certainly the exorbitant data rates still apply? (R128/MB :wtf:) As far as I can tell it means your phone can now also use partner LTE networks when...
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    MTN iPhone 6 Pre-registration open

    MTN's iPhone 6 pre-registration page for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is up:
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    iOS 8 Released - Download Links and Install Guide

    The GM version released a week ago for all the devices is identical to the public version, so if you have upgraded already, there is no need to do it again.
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    Microsoft exams to be taken only at Pearson VUE testing centers in 2015

    Just received an email from Microsoft which concerns all those that are currently completing their exams at Prometric testing centers: "Effective immediately, we're partnering with Pearson VUE to bring you new location and appointment options when scheduling your exams. (You can still take our...
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    Likelihood of iOS8 being available after tonight?

    No worries, already have it on an iPhone 5 and iPad, and not one hiccup so far. One was a clean install and one an upgrade.
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    Likelihood of iOS8 being available after tonight?

    What part of 'available on the 17th of September' do you not understand? The GM should be downloaded and then installed through iTunes. It is not available as an OTA upgrade. It will be interesting to see if the mobile networks can handle the load come next week. If memory serves correct, the...