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    Massive Garmin South Africa hack exposed customers' credit card details

    Surely they are not allowed to store CVV numbers??? If I recall, I think I paid using PayU instant EFT. I normally only use direct bank transfers, but the option was not available, only credit card or PayU. I replaced my card yesterday at a cost of R65 (Capitec). If it was my Absa card it would...
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    ISTQB Foundation Course

    I passed the exam with only self study. It's not that hard. Udemy has a course and exam prep course. Also a good course on Youtube if you can tolerate the heavy indian accent.
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    2nd hand garmin: Nuvi55LM or Nuvi2497 or other

    Yes, some areas does not have mobile signal. Data charges on my phone is also an issue, if you are stuck without data, you cannot reload if you are not on wifi and it may take alot of data if you travel often. I would be able to use my phone on Bluetooth and listen to the radio while the GPS...
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    2nd hand garmin: Nuvi55LM or Nuvi2497 or other

    Thanks. I think that would be the best bet. I was looking around to see if I could find a fancier model second hand with the traffic updates as well for the same price, but those I could find is discontinued so I doubt they will still give the free updates (as you say, end of product "life")...
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    2nd hand garmin: Nuvi55LM or Nuvi2497 or other

    I'm looking for a second hand Garmin. I've never owned one before, so not completely sure what to look for. I've been shopping for second hand devices and found 3 that I'm considering so far. I've read on Amazon that the Nuvi55LM has been discontinued. Does this mean no free map updates...
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    For Recruiters or hiring managers: Sage Evolution Consultant Salary

    I would like to know what the market related salary is for a Sage Evolution (or similar) consultant. I understand that experience, education and certification will make a every situation different. In a scenario where the candidate holds a relevant Bcom degree, is a certified Sage product...