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    Home Affairs extending business hours of smart ID branches this weekend

    Last time I visited home affairs there was a gangland type gunfight at the entrance.. Place was locked down.. Terrible..
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    Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set

    I disagree, we don't need more laws, we need more respect.. Respect for weapons potential.. Don't play with other peoples weapons.. Yes you.. Put it down, it's not a toy..
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    DStv streaming a mess after app update

    You'd think the programmer would test the changes in a proper controlled environment before unleashing his bad workmanship on his paying customers!! But hey.. That's Africa for you..
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    SAA surprises with cheapest Mauritius flight prices

    Thank goodness it is no more.. And thanks for the closure.
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    SAA surprises with cheapest Mauritius flight prices

    I also did once unfortunately in that battered old boeing they painted up for the American Olympics in Atlanta.. NEVER AGAIN.. NOT EVER.. And only reason was to redeem voyager miles.. Now they've also lost their reputation too.
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    SA's electric car boom is coming

    Paris (and other major cities) have public transport and not much pollution.. As in electric trains / trams etc so not much need for electric cars although I am sure they will buy them if the price is right. Africa in Contrast will have polluting coal fired power stations creating electricity...
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    SA's electric car boom is coming

    Vehicle manufacturers only motive is profit.. Period.. They may market / mumble on about energy efficiency and thermal whatever and climate change as required.. However.. Let me say it again, Profit is the only reason for existence.
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    Makro and Builders launching mini-apps on Monday

    Tell them to get lost with their upto.. Discounts.. Upto cr@p that's what it is.. Just like their deliveries.. Give an actual discount percentage or don't bother..
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    SAA's customer services woes continue

    Kinda like the municipality changing the names of towns/streets improve service delivery. Haha
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    Joburg's big plans to take over Soweto electricity provisioning

    I hear you my friend, but you are missing the point.. Electricity should be supplied to the consumer at the cost of production minus middlemen.. NOT from retailers best price including markup.
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    WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook down globally

    So, is it fixed now?
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    Joburg's big plans to take over Soweto electricity provisioning

    That's all very well except that every extra middleman adds a profit.. In my humble opinion they don't need to unbundle escom, just decriminalize it and the municipalities too for that matter.. Escom is already unbundled in that they supply the municipalities that supply consumers.
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    Joburg's big plans to take over Soweto electricity provisioning

    Hmm.. There shouldn't be a retail 'fullstop'.. Escom should be selling electricity to the consumer at cost without municipal middlemen just like it was in the beginning. Electricity should be a utility service by the government for the benefit of the people. Just like it was in the beginning...
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    Why you should buy an electric car in South Africa

    This is all just pie in the sky out here in wildest / darkest (they can't even keep the lights on) and Africa.. Mr audi has to toe the line, he's trying his damnedest to sell cars that are cheaper to make and more expensive to buy. They said that even with a 32amp industrial socket?? (who has...
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    FNB : Pay and Clear now (R36.00)

    Well Std bank charges R 50