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    Aramex global shopper

    Mines been sitting since the 8th of November multiple emails they keep telling me they will expedite it for clearance no movement whatsoever
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    Joe Biden defeats Trump to win US election

    Lol like in narcos when pablo ran alongside the other guy when they won the other guy withdrew
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    The best overseas online stores to use this Black Friday

    +1 Bought from banggood a couple times no issues bought my current phone from Gearbest took a month to get shipped but no issues with the package
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    Day 25 - No Service

    Been testing Telkom I think I'll just switch to 10/10 and 100GB midnight for downloads y
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    Day 25 - No Service

    It's been 21 Days two PM's still no service at home i don't understand what went wrong. i have had no signal issue apart from slow rain since 2018 then all of a sudden no service rains solution from email communication Something is clearly wrong with the tower"No rain in network Search"...
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    Would you date a robot?

    Yup comes with complementary 5L WD-40
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    Would you date a robot?

    Model -Cardi-B-001 does neither but ...
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    Vodacom and MTN location-based data linked to assassination scandal

    Their primary function is to make profit ethics and morals probably not in their top 10 things todo.
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S - 6GB RAM 128GB (Viking's Review)

    oof i was using the screen raw till my zf6 fell and shattered the screen now i wish i did welp
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    High-flying wife of army general arrested in R100m tender fraud

    we gonna need a corruption sub forum and a thread to tally all this money
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    Rains Super shitty service

    It's been more than a week I guess rain is never gonna fix the no network issue. Yesterday we had a 12 hour blackout stolen panel/power lines. After power was restored I noticed I had signal like I had before I started getting services it worked for a while then it was back to the same no...
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    Rains Super shitty service

    lol it was supposed to be drunk face emoji mybb set me up
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    Rains Super shitty service

    Lol I know the feels frogfoot skipped my neighborhood too they trenched across the road then trenched across the road to some factories behind the neighborhood ‍♂️