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    Cycle-jacking thugs thwarted as fed up group turn detectives and fight back

    Damn, I read circle jacking thugs thwarted.
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    HDD Data Recovery in Gauteng

    Anybody know of a company that does data recovery on physical damaged drives. Water damaged most likely PCB . Quoted R9K by a Centurion IT Company
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    Top smartphone cameras ranked

    Every oem hides special features behind opmodes unlucky ZA gets the sExynos currently dudes are playing with raw video exynos varients are seeing flames
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    Best smartphones in South Africa for less than R5,000

    You obviously haven't tried shooting 48mp with super res enabled on Gcam turns 6gb to dust
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    Inside the DStv Wi-Fi connector is a pleasant surprise

    I tried hacking one those dsd720 decoder via the RS232 method i thought the Australian UI looked better i got upto the part where the firmware read and Chickened out.
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    MultiChoice launches DStv Internet with MTN

    Was that with the thing that let you order food through dstv I remember browsing menus for chow
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    WATCH | M3 on the N3: Police launch investigation after footage of blue BMW wheel spinning

    Boring real men do burnouts need them wheels to burst
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    Information Regulator hit by ‘ransomware attack’

    Alternative Title: Information Regulator gets Regulated
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    Tshwane resident ready to call it a day for cabbage patch feeding the poor after being ‘threatened’ by TMPD officers

    TMPD is basically the mob masquerading as the police forever extorting.
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    eMedia launches video streaming play - eVOD

    DOA if you partner with a carrier don't put a cap on the streaming this will die just like Cellc's black thingy thang
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    ‘Free Jacob Zuma’ protests take fiery turn as 25 trucks burnt in KZN

    I'll ask a friend he might know if QXDM and QPST could achieve this on devices using QCOM soc.
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    ‘Free Jacob Zuma’ protests take fiery turn as 25 trucks burnt in KZN

    Mesh based Apps. MESH.IM Meshanger TALKIE