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    8ta contract

    Hi Everyone! I've signed up for and 8ta 10GB 3G contract @R199... will I be billed from the date of approval or when I plug in and use sim card? The contract was approved today, but seeing the month is almost over I skeemed I can collect/use card from the 1st of the new month...
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    8ta 10GB deal

    Hi everyone, with my Cell c 2GB coming to an end by FEB '12 I'm thinking of getting the 8ta 10GB deal as a replacement for Cell C due to Cell C becoming toooo expensive for my budget...problem, bought a 8ta prepaid sim, got prepaid data to test reception. I get 1MB download on a good day, and...
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    Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)

    HI Guys, Most recent Android firmware , Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is leaked for Samsung’s giant galaxy s2. However this firmware is not available through KIES or over the air. To install this firmware we have to flash it manually using a pc tool Odin...