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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    Called the office - number goes through but extensions are all dead . Managers still not answering Whatsapp support is dead
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    Exactly why I have a backup incase companies are this backwards.
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    Have they closed down ? My internet is off since last night, support doesn't reply and the manager who's contact number I have does not bother to read.
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    Novel CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Updates & Discussion

    theres a stupid whatsapp doing the rounds on the limpopo chat groups about the covid19 virus in WC and around Kathu -_- freaking hell some people's children
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    What game are you playing now ?

    Playing Greedfall and sniper elite 4 + some world of tanks for those festive season specials.
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    What game are you playing now ?

    Ya dont say XD
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    SuperSonic: running out of data superfast

    How do you know you burned through the rollover data ? Their portal is so confusing. I have lots of night data that rolled over but I cant tell where its being used \0/
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    Datsun Go! Thoughts

    indeed it is a major improvement over the original GO, I would say about 70%. I just don't like the way the door plastic flexes while closing the door when sitting inside. It makes me very uncomfortable. Either its made like that (ew) or I am pulling extra stronk like slav. although it can't...
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    Its on those papers you should have received from them.
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    Dunno wts is going on with the rollover too.... Everything is backwards
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    How to check Supersonic LTE Data Usage

    Im having this exact issue now for the second month and getting fed up. Can't plan downloads / steam updates because **** is calculated incorrectly. Or doesn't show on the FLTE page
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    Supersonic rollover help needed

    Hi Please can someone shed some light on rollover ? Last month I had a **** ton (13+) of night data and few gigs day time data but now my rollover only shows 5 gigs ? It's the second month out of the three where I don't see how much rollover day and night I have Yes the website says...
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    there is a router clawback (amount of router's worth) that they will need. Otherwise not as bad as telkom at all. Ive been there. A year of nightmare billing. The problem I am having now, is understanding Supersonic's rollover data . It is the second of november and my data has not renewed /...
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    Supersonic LTE off to a bad start

    This is still happening. Last night I was busy updating my android apps and the connection dropped to snails pace. randomly (without rebooting) 3-5 minutes later it started bursting again over 30Mbps. It has been stable since. I am the only one in the area on this connection. It is remote as F
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    roll over ? how does it work

    Hi all So its the second of the month, and it will be now the second month I am using Supersonic LTE. When does the rollover kick in? the first of the month or on the first date of use? My first date of use was on the 4th of Oct (when it got delivered) Please see attached my 60+60...