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    Telkom DSL-2750U Firmware

    Yeah thanks for the help. I've just flashed it with the Retail version, seems to be working ok for now.
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    Telkom DSL-2750U Firmware

    Having issues with this router, Telkom version T1 loses DNS every so often and I see there's been some DDos attacks on older routers through the DNS. Has anyone flashed theirs with the retail version T1/DSL-2750U_Firmware_AF_1.76_R01 LATEST and had any issues with it? Or anyone know if Telkom's...
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    My Defy Oven just stopped working

    email defy directly. I've been through the whole 'fixing the oven' thing, best bet is to get Defy to send a technician.
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    Joburg’s M2 bridge to close due to ‘structural defects’

    After Greyston between Malboro?, that's for busses afaik.
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    Watts, RMS, PMPO etc.

    Yeah in your opinion.
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    Watts, RMS, PMPO etc.

    haha thread necro is fun.
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    Two-day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    The Iris Scan, a biometric safety feature that prevented even my identical twin from hacking my phone.
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    Watts, RMS, PMPO etc.

    If it says PMPO, don't buy it.
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    New giveaway - Win great prizes

    Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking uses radar technology to monitor the vehicle in front of you, and provide audible & visual warnings prompting the driver to react to avoid a possible frontal collision.
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Win great prizes

    Openserve fibre provides very high speed bandwidth and capacity, ensuring a seamless internet experience and reaching speeds of up to 200Mbps.
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    New Giveaway - Enter now and win cool prizes

    Do you have a one-of-a-kind FinTech or InsurTech business venture brewing? We want to know about it so we can make it a reality.
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    So I make these bamboozelas?

    Thanks, will do the facebook page.