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    Virgin Atlantic Files For Bankruptcy

    MMS 5th August As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on a global scale, Virgin Atlantic became the latest victim with the UK-based airline filing for bankruptcy in the US and seeking protection of assets under Chapter 15. Earlier on in the year, Virgin Group’s Richard...
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    Huge blast rocks Port of Beiruit

    Well, from the vid it looks like a piece of debris hitting him, then the video cut off.
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    Huge blast rocks Port of Beiruit

    I doubt it. Looks like he took the full blast.
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    Leisure travel in the long weekend

    I dont know if it is wise to try cross borders. My wife went to a funeral in North West this past Monday, on the way back they hit a Army/SAPS roadblock at around 20:30. Every single car was stopped and searched and asked for permits etc.
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    Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV

    Cant find it either.
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    When do you think South Africa will hit is COVID-19 peak?

    What about the investigation where they found the "official" numbers were under reported by 600%?
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    MTN 5G Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    5G mobile Connect to our 5G network and enjoy fast connectivity at home or on the go. Average speed: 50Mbps Maximum speed: up to 500Mbps 36-month contract R999 PM x 36 Unlimited data plan Includes a Sh@reLink 5G router.
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    Cloud Nine Mattress: Any good?

    Brilliant mattress. You wont regret it for a minute. Our Cloud 9 has been going for about 18 years now.
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    Crossing provincial borders requirements

    We had to get a permit for my wife to travel to a funeral in North West. She needed 2 x copies of death certificate, 2 x copies of ID, Invitation to funeral, a motivational letter, and proof that she will return to Gauteng on the same day. (Affidavit). Also had to fill in two forms at SAPS. It...
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    Do you think the strict lockdown prevented a dramatic loss of life in South Africa?

    No, it was/is not enforced properly. The sheet is still going to hit the fan big time. The townships dont give a damn about the rules , it's mos not "a blackmans disease".
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    ONE-DAY Vodacom Promotion - Enter Now

    Business LTE.
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    SA Post Office - We deliver parcels without delays

    Some of my packages landed at JIMC in January, still there. Others sent via DHL were delivered in a week from Chech republic.
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    Telkom - Showmax partnership

    I got caught by this scam. Showmax advertised it as a "special" if you pay via Telkom account. They said R100 for 3 months, so R33 p/m. Telkom billed me R100 p/m anyways.
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    How can I track an incoming international parcel? (SAPO/Customs)

    HUGE backlog. Some of stuff arrived at JIMC in Jan, still waiting.