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    MTN Business Giveaway - Enter now

    The additional 5GB data and 200minutes are awesome and adds great value to the deal
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    Nexus.Net Fibre feedback

    Hi All, Has anyone perhaps have (or had) any experience with regards to's FTTH product? Nexus.net_FTTH Their prices seems very competitive. They do, however, have an Acceptable Use Policy, which throttles your speed based on the data used between 07h00 - midnight. At midnight, the...
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    Test your speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Afrihost (20Mbps VDSL) Ping 20ms Download 19.66 Mbps Upload 4.84 Mbps
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    Afrihost Pure Fibre Giveaway - Win Free Fibre worth over R25,000

    Location: Cape Town (Durbanville) Fibre Provider: Openserve Package: 100Mbps Uncapped