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    iPhone music in Car

    No offence to you as I know it is the price given by the distributors, but I think the SA pricing is overstated on these. Even on ebay, it is $250 with shipping on a new unit which works out to be under R2100, then fitment with the harness is R500 ... so total is R2600 ... a full R900 cheaper...
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    iPhone music in Car

    Old thread ... but how did you guys get your order from Amazon? I can't get them to delivery anything electronic ... the computer says no.
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    MP3 FM Modulator

    FM Modulators. They have USB, Line-In and SD Card in. The price is R159.00 The first 7 buyers will receive a free 1GB Micro SD with SD Adapter to use with the device. The link can be found here: V003 FM Modulator
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    Biostar Radeon 4890 1GB DDR2

    Hi Guys. My supplier just got stock of the Biostar Radeon 4890 1GB DDR5 Price is R3760. This item is not linked on my website, so if you would like one, please PM me or e-mail us. Regards Itai
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    Hi Guys. Running a special on Seagate 1TB's for only R1299. Link: Seagate 1TB Hard Drive Regards Itai
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    Coolermaster Cases

    Hi Guys. Just got an update of whats in stock in coolermaster. If you want any of this, act now ... chances are some of the items will be sold out at my supplier by tomorrow afternoon. Some of these are not on my site, so please PM me if you want one. Just don't have the time ATM to add them...
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    Coolermaster HAF932 - Awesome Gaming Case

    Click on the image to go to the link.
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    Sapphire 4870x2 2GB - R5999

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    Shuttle XPC SD30G2 - R2085

    To purchase, send me a PM or e-mail
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    Digital Addiction Weekly Competition - Win a R100 Voucher

    Digital Addiction Weekly Competition - Win a ticket to RAGE. Hi Guys. I have started a weekly trivia competition into Digital Addiction. All you do is answer the simple questiion by finding the answer on my website, and you can win a ticket to RAGE. To enter, simply send your answer, name...
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    Arctic Cooling in South Africa

    Hi Guys. I have finally got the ball turning with Arctic Cooling and will initially bring in the Accelero Twin Turbo for graphics cards and Freezer 7 Pro for CPU's. R399 R349 ETA is the 3rd week of August (Next week) I am accepting pre-orders on Digital Addiction, but all pre-orders must...
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    Which Arctic Cooling VGA cooler do you want in SA?

    Hi Guys. I just want to do my last bit of research before I import the first batch of Arctic Cooling. Please answer the poll and help me out, it'd really help me out, this isn't a cheap venture :p Regards Itai
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    Arctic Cooling

    Hi Guys. I have been speaking to the guys at Arctic Cooling, and will most likely be bringing in the following: Alpine 64 GT Freezer 7 Pro (might not bring this one in) Freezer Xtreme Accelero S1 Rev2 Turbo Module MX-2 Thermal Compound I want to find out what the demand is on...
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    Hardware Non-Bargains

    Hi. Figured we have a thread of hardware bargains, thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can laugh at rediculous pricing ... for example, this second hand PC I found :P :
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    The shop I work for, Cats Digital in Sandton finally took the hint and now sells iPhones ... they are more expensive than the net at R9000 ... but they come with some gold chip which sits under the sim card and apparently fully unlocks the phone ... not 100% sure though ...