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Recent content by falcon786

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    Being a dad is sht

    Consider using lactose free milk if the kid is feeling upset and has tummy cramps often,all 3 of my kids had this problem with sleepless nights initially(like full sleepless nights of crying for hours,not just sleep an hour then get up type episodes!)and it resolved itself using NAN lactose...
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    Dad stabbed his daughter (8) to death to punish her mom for leaving him

    Damn,just reading that is harrowing enough and chills your heart,imagine actually hearing a little girl saying that in that situation,poor mother will never forget that. :(
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    Telkom Big Deal vs Rain and Cell C LTE - Price and data comparison

    Buy a prepaid CELL C sim card for like R1 then load a data bundle and test yourself,my house has great reception and yet my dad lives 500m away and it's iffy, so no point even asking others in your area,use a test sim in the places you frequent and then base your decision on that...
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    So I received packages from takealot I never ordered

    Well in that case you CAN actually keep it guilt free and enjoy it,but you need to make them fully aware of the error and give them the option to make that call.
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    So I received packages from takealot I never ordered

    I once ordered a nebulizer for my kid on takealot,8 days later and nothing arrived,they said parcell was lost and sent me another one at no cost. Two weeks later the original one finally arrived,I contacted them and they had no idea what happened or no record of delivering 2.I returned one...
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    Telkom moving away from copper

    Yes the most reliable will probably be with a VOX SIP account,doesn't cost much and calls are dirt cheap on it too,they have an app that you can install on your phone to get it to work,basically they port your telkom number to a virtual one that can be used via VOIP phones or the app. We had a...
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    Manual transmissions

    Care to elaborate or are you just basing that on the old landies horrible track records and personal biased views? It's dangerous to generalize,the e46 320d was not reliable at all while the e90 320d is probably the most reliable diesel engine in a car ever.
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    Manual transmissions

    Ok thanks will go check it out,from a quick look it looks like there is a huge difference between the 3 and 4,seems like the 4 is the one to go for,much better interior,engines,features etc
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    Manual transmissions

    Yep that's what I was thinking of getting a disco 3 or 4 in diesel,are they reliable where could I find out properly?
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    Manual transmissions

    While you are probably right, burning through a clutch in a year points to riding the clutch it may also be a case of a poorly designed clutch/transmission system. The thing is though you're being very disingenuous with your posts and you're assuming most other posters here can't drive based on...
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    Manual transmissions

    What land rover did you get,looking to upgrade from my x3 3.0d diesel and was considering getting something that can handle offroad too...
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    OLX invests R1.4 billion in We Buy Cars

    OLX website is simply pathetic. I'm a legitimate seller of used and new high end cellphones but they have so often rejected my ads that I eventually gave up using the site,instead scammers seem to rule there,how their ads don't get removed and mine got removed constantly is a mystery. Gumtree...
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    BMW unveils new iNext electric SUV

    Hey BMW instead of wasting millions on a crap ugly design why not just make one of your current good looking models fully electric????? Most people are excited about electric cars,we're not excited about their ugly designs like the i3,Nissan leaf,prius etc why cant manufacturers get this into...
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    MTN launches new Voice Over LTE service

    No s9 + support at launch either?!