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    MTN’s big battery theft problem

    Well that's the dumbest thing I've heard this year so far. I'm a paying MTN customer in a semi rural area,these idiots stole the batteries and for the last 2 weeks when there were power outages I had to drive 4km away from work to make an urgent phone call. Yes I know you said high density...
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    Inverter and batteries

    Older fridge motors(and even current cheaper models) used AC motors which don't always like modified and some won't even run on it at all. Newer tech "inverter" type fridges use DC motors with an inverter before the motor so these would be fine to run on modified sine wave as the inverter beats...
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    Some people like to complicate their lives. I'm a huge Lithium ion fan but really I see absolutely no point in using it to start a Petrol/Diesel car or modifying one to use these batteries at current prices. These normal old school jobbies usually last me between 5 to 12 years without...
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    Inverter and batteries

    Lol it was R3800 a few days ago,now R400 loadshedding premium attached.
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    Lithium Car Battery retailer SA ?

    So OP wants help but is being sketchy as to why exactly he thinks he needs to connect an external charger to his car. My car batteries usually last between 6 to 10 years at that point you just buy a new good quality one for less than R2k,so very simple. Why all these complications?
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    Guillain-Barré syndrome

    Friend of mine got this two years ago,he was feeling numbness in his legs one morning,during the day at work he lost all control of his legs,we had to cart him in a chair to his car and drive him home from work. A few months later he made a full recovery but it was a slow process.He was however...
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    Samsung wireless earbuds will reverse charge on the Galaxy S10

    Well that seems very niche,I can't see something like this ever being used by myself or most people since it'll probably take forever to charge in the first place like Huawei's gimmicky reverse charge feature.
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    British man detained in UAE after wearing Qatar football shirt to match

    Did you know swearing in several Aussie states could land you in jail for up to 6 months?But then again most Saffers think Aus is a k@k place anyway so as you were...
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    The benefits of dark mode

    Thanks just installed in on Opera and it works great,as you say much more natural colours than the forums ugly inverted colours dark mode and it works in the news section and on other sites also. Great find.
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    Complete cure for cancer within a year – Israeli Scientists

    Should I be like you and say,OK an Israeli private company may create a cure for cancer so the hard line right wing Israeli government can continue oppressing and occupying the Palestinian people.Let's use this to justify the oppression. I bet that's how you actually think in your warped view...
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    Complete cure for cancer within a year – Israeli Scientists

    Yes that makes complete sense because BDS is anti-Israeli right wing government and the right wing Israeli government is this company claiming to have a cure. Right....
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    Cell Phone Insurance worth it or not?

    Makes no difference really.Just get penalized more for being younger,rather apply on your own name when you're older.
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    Cell Phone Insurance worth it or not?

    Just put it on your business insurance as mentioned,so much cheaper.