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    How to save money and stop load-shedding

    If people do this then Eskom will complain that they are not making as much money as expected and will need to double the price that they charge customers.
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    Forex: Using your R1,000,000 discretionary allowance

    Thank you so very much for the help folks! Haha, yeah I am not going down the bitcoin route, as a technology it is amazing but as a currency - not so much.
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    Forex: Using your R1,000,000 discretionary allowance

    I've been trying to figure out which Balance of Payments (BoP) code to use to transfer like R500,000 to R600,000 out of the country to MYSELF. This is my money and is currently sitting in my RMB bank account. I live in the U.S. and wish to use the money for personal use and savings. Since the...
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    Win**** broke my hard drive

    My brother came over with his secondary drive. It was formatted FAT32, and is a small IDE hard disk drive. When I stuck it into my PC running Windows Vista it worked fine. I played a funny clip on it but then I noticed that Windows requested me to "Restart the computer to complete the...