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    Need to upload 16TB to cloud storage for PhD. How?

    Some seriously awesome folks on this forum! You guys are the best! If she doesn't come right with the Stellies IT guys, I'll let you know. Internet high five!
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    Need to upload 16TB to cloud storage for PhD. How?

    Thought about that, but unfortunately neither her nor I have the spare cash laying around for R7k worth of hard drives at the moment. Even secondhand we'd be looking at about R4k (and secondhand disks come with their own risks). If money wasn't an option, I'd have suggested she go this route.
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    Need to upload 16TB to cloud storage for PhD. How?

    Thanks a lot guys! She is going to contact the varsity IT guys and if necessary ask her advisor for a motivation. Also, thanks a lot to @websquadza for their very generous offer, very awesome of you! DM'ed :-)
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    Need to upload 16TB to cloud storage for PhD. How?

    Hi all A friend of mine is doing her PhD at University of Stellenbosch. She has about 12TB of wildillife acoustic recordings used for analysis and study, which has taken many years to collect and save. I'm trying to help her come up with a solution to back up her data, because having...
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    Moving to Klapmuts to work in Stellenbosch...good or bad idea?

    Update: I now live in Stellenbosch. Thanks for all the suggestions and helping me not wind up in Klapmuts folks and @Rouxenator.
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    Moving to Klapmuts to work in Stellenbosch...good or bad idea?

    Hi folks Has anyone here lived in or near Klapmuts? What is your opinion on the place and living there? I may have an opportunity to work in Stellenbosch, but the rent there is insane! Klapmuts isn't too far away, and seems to have some decent-looking townhouses in the newer secured...
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    Anyone manage to use their RAIN sim cards in a different router or phone?

    Hi guys As the title states, wondering if anyone has had any success using their RAIN sim card in a phone? I know the sim cards are supposedly device locked, but MyBroadband managed to test theirs in a phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (the i9505 LTE model), but it refuses to connect...
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    DialDirect Insurance now offering cash back every month?

    Hey all So, I got the email from Dial Direct today that one can get between 25% and 75% of your premium back per month. Like most things, this seems a little too good to be true. Link My car insurance premium is about R1,000 per month (and I'm not under 25, nor have I ever claimed, nor do...
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    FNB vs Capitec vs Nedbank for savings pockets

    Hi all! I'm a very happy Capitec client. My favorite feature is the multiple savings pockets. Makes budgeting and saving towards goals that much easier. Unfortunately they only offer a maximum of four. Nedbank offers 10, so that seems pretty damn good. Unfortunately they apparently...
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    Can anyone recommend a good Dual-Sim Android phone with Removable Battery?

    Hi fellow Android junkies! My (semi) trusty LG G3 decided to take swimming lessons and now I'm in the market for a new phone. I'm specifically looking for one with dual-sim (extra MicroSD slot is a bonus), and a removable battery. I did some google-fu and came up with Moto G5, LG V20, or...
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    Telkom Website Down?

    It's not just me, right?
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    Any NopCommerce guys here?

    Hi folks! Anyone here know their way around developing for NopCommerce 3.50? I tried my hand at it, but I am a bit out of my depth with MVC and with NopCommerce's framework (I'm a Python guy :p). I've spent more time bashing my head against the wall these last two weeks than I care to admit...
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    Which bank in SA is the best when it comes to technology/automating your finances?

    Hi folks! I've always been with ABSA (student account), but I think the time has come to make a switch (since they're forcing me to upgrade). Now, I have done my fair bit of reading (mostly on MyBB and MoneyWeb) about the banks here and their technology, customer satisfaction, fees, etc...
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    Anyone here work for Sage / Sage VIP?

    Hi folks I'm considering resigning from my current company (I'm a developer) and going to work for Sage. Trying to figure out if the shift is worth it. I would probably be joining their office in Menlyn, Pretoria. Does anyone here work there / know someone who does? What is it like? Any...
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    Looking for a gym buddy @ Planet Fitness - Centurion

    Hi, guys! I'm getting back into shape after a year layoff from the gym (long, complicated story), and looking for someone whose perhaps also seeking a gym buddy. I work out at the Gateway Planet Fitness in Centurion (there by the Primi Piatti and Outdoor Warehouse just before the N1...