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    2019 Insights Survey - Win R5,000

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    Teacher implicated in sex scandal at Bishops College resigns

    Oh, something tells me this was not one of those cases...
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    Joaquin Phoenix is "The Joker"

    Yes and loved it.
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    Different stories, different actors, and both did stellar work IMO.
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    Name a food

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    Does a 4K TV make sense for lower res content?

    I had audio issues as well via ARC on a 2018 model 4K LG and also resorted to optical from the TV to our AVR.
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    I loved this. Solid 8/10 Joaquin's name almost contains "Joker", makes you think...
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    Do you prefer shopping online or in person?

    Why exclusive options? I prefer both, depending on the context.
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    The FPB is gunning for Netflix in SA

    Perhaps: "freely available" vs the cost of "2 or 3 10TB HDD's"?
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    Things that please you...

    Why not mask out your license no?
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    Armed thieves overpowered by public before they could rob Jozi shop

    It is incredibly dangerous for regular citizens to tackle armed crooks. But if the police services fail to control crime levels (for whatever reason), these cases are going to increase.
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    What are you paying per kWh?

    I was stunned when I saw that the first tier had been dropped to 350kWh. Let's not forget the very-neatly stated extra levy for the third tier, pushing the rate from 182.23c to 188.23c/kWh. Need to start saving up for that off-grid plan
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    Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.

    Yow, is that a pup??? It already looks like it could take on a buffalo whilst snacking on a whole bag of adult food
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    New Giveaway – Win an Amazon Tablet and an Echo Dot

    50GB, plus the LTE sharelink router, for R199 per month.
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    What is your favourite vacation spot in South Africa?

    Storms River, Tsitsikamma