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    What game are you playing now ?

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown Enjoying it so far, although it's not my favourite genre, TBH
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    Major shake-up proposed for South African schools – including new rules for failing students

    Way to smear a wet tissue over the govt's inability to provide better teachers and school facilities. :mad:
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    WATCH | Bloemfontein biker fighting for his life after red robot crash

    He then lied as well, thank goodness for that camera footage
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    LG 139 cm (55") Smart Nano Super UHD TV With ThinQ

    I have the same model and it's a brilliant buy even at the regular price, IMO I've played mostly 2160p x265 HEVC 10-bit files (5-10Gb each), which are just fine. I suspect streaming 50Gb files over our 72mbps wifi might get iffy.
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    KNP: 2-year-old mauled to death by leopard in Malelane camp

    Why-oh-why must a leopard be allegedly killed for "losing its fear of humans"????
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    Who here eats Fish Paste?

    Very occasionally, a smear of fishpaste (Wedwo FTW) on toast is yummy
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    LG UHD 49 - any good?

    Possibly, but after 3 android streaming devices and 2 smart devices not supporting either Netflix or Amazon Prime, the LG was a pleasure to use out of the box
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    LG UHD 49 - any good?

    Hisense did not support the Amazon Prime app, when I checked a month ago. The LG worked flawlessly.
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    LG UHD 49 - any good?

    There was about a 3k difference, but I'm happy with the purchase. I was keen for a more recent unit, and the SK8000 has been great so far. The quad-core is quick, and the smart features work very well. As mentioned, poring over Rtings reviews played a major role
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    LG UHD 49 - any good?

    I looked at the UK6300 models recently and opted for the SK8000 model rather. Mostly for future-proofing with updates, since the image quality in 2 stores was indistinguishable for me (and equally decent).
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    Amazon Prime app disappeared from Hisense TV

    I beg to differ. We've had the LG for more than a month, and have had updates without any issues. *touch wood*
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    Amazon Prime app disappeared from Hisense TV

    So? My LG happily still has the app. Our old Samsung device worked for a week, then also dropped the app.
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    JHB Meet June 29th - Pirates club Parkhurst - Theme: Tsek Cape Town

    Daaammmmnnnn youuuuu, busy weekend calendar!!!