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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Sennheiser HD559 Sennheiser HD599 Sennheiser HD6xx
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    Requiring that candidate attorneys own a car, speak Afrikaans is anti-transformation - LPC

    Uber, or share a ride with a colleague... Being forced to own a car is unnecessary these days.
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    Which volt meters do you use?
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    I've ordered a Kill A Watt meter, to measure the values. The idea is to continue working through a normal 4hr load shed. Any longer will require far more battery capacity than my budget allows
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    Considering a 3kW inverter, to run our laptops, with the fibre + wifi routers and perhaps an 18w phone charger. I'm considering either 2x200Ah Gel batteries, vs a PylonTech US2000B Plus 2.4kWh. Am I fooling myself thinking this will run the above for 4 hours of loadshedding?
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    Bad Driving thread

    Whilst avoiding the daily commute since March is a huge benefit, it almost feels as if we're also starting to lose our driving sensibilities from lack of practice.
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    Official : Diablo 3 » Reaper of Souls - Seasons

    You mean the "geddafak-outta-dodge" rings? Really should've named my toon RunnnForest
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    Official : Diablo 3 » Reaper of Souls - Seasons

    Anything is quicker than a Hardcore magic wielder trying to find decent gear! Even a wannabe chest-thumper :ROFL:
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    Official : Diablo 3 » Reaper of Souls - Seasons

    Hush now, before my HC WD hears you and starts toyi-toying.
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    My Generator Study

    Have you tried the "plywood noise deflection" trick mentioned in the earlier vid? I'm also looking at one of the Ryobi inverter gennies, but the idea of the noise bothers me already! Could one not put a pool-pump cover over it, modded with extra vents?
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    Official : Diablo 3 » Reaper of Souls - Seasons

    Oh dear. Ohhhhhh dear, also-an-RPG-so-not-totally-a-derailment
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    Official : Diablo 3 » Reaper of Souls - Seasons

    Luckily I have an idea about what that means, but imagine saying that out loud in a pub... :D A D3 mate and I (we're both late 40's) recently spoke about how funny our conversations must sound to our families.
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    Crowd1 Scam

    It saddens me when people either somehow fall for the lies and are convinced they're part of a bona fide business. Or lie to themselves whilst desperately trying to recruit more "pipelines", or "downsies", or "levels", or whatever the next set of desperates are called. That scary person...
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    MLM scams

    That's almost Freudian. They're one of the original MLM schemes, from decades ago.