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    How to get a firearm licence in South Africa - and the battle against new gun laws

    The closed book questions will basically be the open book questions you did originally. So know those, and you'll be fine.
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    [China] How organs are harvested from THOUSANDS every week for a 'kill to order' market - and why the world is powerless to stop it

    If you have the money, you can get anything in China. Have an acquaintance who has had TWO organ transplants in China. Cost a bundle. I believe that amount of money even gave him instant dual citizenship so that he was able to travel there, have the operation, and come back to SA. First one...
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    South Africa's most popular firearms for self-defence

    Define gas gun. CO2 pellet gun? Forget it. wasting your time. Blank firing gun? Illegal...and useless. Forget it. OC/Pepper Gun? Inferior to a real one, but if you have to get one, get the JPX or the Byrna.
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    WATCH: Taxi driver shoots at robbers who caused motorist to bump into his vehicle

    Not sure who to believe. Other sources say that the Taxi driver shot 2 of the robbers who were robbing an Uber. One in the leg, one in the arm. Based on the video, I am going with that story.
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    Surge in gun sales in South Africa

    They aren't doing Section 21's anymore. Yes...technically you can apply. But in practise, it will be declined. They aren't even renewing expired Sec 21 permits. Oh, and for the guy who wants to own a PS90 or FN Five-Seven etc...good luck. Then you can join the other morons who bought one and...
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    Self defence will not be a valid reason to own a gun in SA under a newly-revived draft law

    The Self Defense thing really is a small part of this, and I think is the red herring. The Govt will capitulate and "give us" the SD licenses back, and pass a bunch of the other laws that will eventually be just as bad. They want to restrict the amount and types of guns imported and exported. So...
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    Any POPI Act experts?

    Based in SA means the forum is hosted here and the owner lives in SA. Most members are worldwide though. Scammer is in Asia, and is finding his dealings to be inconvenienced since Googling him pulls up his various scams. He's attempting threats through a local law firm. But his threats may be a...
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    Any POPI Act experts?

    Hypothetical question. Let's say you run a large forum based in South Africa that has 99% international members. Would POPI be applicable to any overseas members that may be exposed as scammers or have their pictures hosted and outed? Would an international person be able to use the services of...
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Right there with ya. I live to eat. And here I was with the thought of eating actually being repulsive to me. I had maybe 2-3 meals in 14 days...and those were tiny. Don't stress....just drink lots of water. I found I had a craving for orange and other citrus juice. Try that. Ice cream is good...
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Well and truly screwed me up. Mentally...hard to explain. Some of you here know what I mean. Repetitive nonsensical thoughts flowing through your mind so that you are unable to sleep and feel like you are losing your mind. There is a large psychological aspect to this virus. Friend had vivid...
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    Durban radio presenter pleads for help on air during armed robbery

    No firearm, no F*ks given. Take control of your own life and stop relying on a non existent police force.
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    17 Shot in 2 Mass Shootings in Chicago Hours Apart, Police Say

    Impossible! Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the USA. Can't have happened...must be some mistake. I mean criminals can't possibly own guns where they are banned. Surely not!
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    Diamond rush' in KZN sparks call for calm, pending inspection

    30 Second test to tell if they are real. Govt is sh*tscared to tell these people what they have is worthless. Before you know it, they will be asking big business to sponsor real diamonds to swap with the poor people who think they are rich now. Idiotic all round.
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    Shaleen Surtie-Richards has died

    One of those people you couldn't have anything against. She was just cool. RIP auntie. You made a hell of a difference to many growing up.
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    All the requirements for getting a gun licence in South Africa

    How can there be ANY stats about your firearm being more likely to be used against you than in self defense, when there can be ZERO stats about how many times the presence of a firearm saved the person without a shot being fired? How many times did the display of a firearm put off the criminal...