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    Malema appears to fire what looks like an assault rifle during EFF after party

    I sometimes do. If they need me, they'll ask.
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    Malema appears to fire what looks like an assault rifle during EFF after party

    Waiting for the outcome to be a fine and a statement that it was blanks and harmless. And before they even decide that...bulls&%t! It was an AR15 live firing. And wasn't blanks. Blanks don't cycle an AR15, you need to have a BFA fitted to it, which that one didn't have and there is zero...
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    'Rolex gang' members were out on bail, parole when bust in Sandton

    Anyone want to bet they get bail...again?
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    WATCH: Couple forces security to the floor in Jet Park armed robbery

    Not so much humorous if you consider that she (and this same syndicate) are suspected of being the ones who shot and killed the vet in Pta not so long ago. I hope they catch her and she slips on a banana peel and hurts herself badly.
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    WATCH | Dramatic car chase ends in arrests and furious onlookers

    "Oh woe is us! We are living in poverty and face crime every day! No-one protects us, no-one saves us from criminals, we are victims of crime...." "What? You want to arrest criminals? NOOOOO...release them! Stop persecuting our people! Police brutality! Waaaah!" Any wonder why Joe Citizen loses...
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    SA Post Office CEO Mark Barnes resigns over differences in future strategy

    Close it down and give the damn job to The Courier Guy! They would do a better job.
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    P&G Challenges Men to Shave Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’ in Gillette Ad

    Don't care if they made losses or profits. All i know is I stopped buying their gel after this incident, changed to another brand and have not gone back. Not going to hurt them, but that's ok.
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    WATCH | Man snatches traffic officer's gun at PE garage shop, threatens her

    Metros have the budget for retention holsters. Many use Safariland or Rescomp or Glock safety holsters. No way someone is going to snatch a pistol out of one of those. But SAPS has no budget and their holsters are generally pathetic.
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    UN Singles Out Israel as World’s Only Violator of Women’s Rights; Iran, Saudi Arabia & Yemen Among the Voters

    When it comes to abortion in Israel, now you are just talking KAK. I couldn't be bothered to quote the stats and truth, so have a read yourself. And as far as gay marriage is concerned, they don't seem to be too oppressed... "Lesbian, gay...
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    Football legend Mark Batchelor shot dead outside his home

    Gene...we need to have a talk... :laugh: Softie at heart, but bit scary on the outside.
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    Accusations fly at human rights hearing into transgender woman's Brazilian wax complaint

    I just watched the video Lindsay Shepherd made about HIM and now I just want to hurt HIM badly. Hopefully someone who has the ability takes it. Inciting violence? Don't care. HE is degrading society
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    Paramedic hurt in 'vicious attack' by ambulance worker at accident scene

    The "Ambulance Mafia" is the same as the towtrucks. It has become a very lucrative business, and they compete for it just as the towtrucks do. Half these guys are armed, and I guess will do anything to protect their investment (read patient) It should be just about saving lives. It isn't. I'm...
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    SA musician Johnny clegg has died

    Dammit. The guy was awesome. Used to have long chats, we shared some interests. He had been really battling the Cancer. Looked really bad a while ago, then seemed to get much better. But then it came back, and he knew it was over. Really nice and humble guy. Will miss him a lot.
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    Wanted suspect killed in shootout with police in Katlehong

    And in today's other F's not given......infinity Well done SAPS