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    Will our system of social grants survive the effect of this virus?

    My girlfriend got told that her company may not be able to pay salaries or only a portion of their salaries in the next few months. And there isn't any work here for her profession (Mechanical Engineer), the market is dry. So even though I wasn't planning on it, I'm now forced to leave. I...
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    Things are worse now than the week before the lock-down. Change my mind.

    +1 Also if your entire hospital is over capacity because of a viral infection, people with other illnesses and accidents, etc. also die. Oh you have cancer, sorry can't help you right now because virus people are taking all the beds, ditto for car accidents and all the other usual cases that...
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    Santaco set to stage national taxi shutdown - called off (for now)

    Sounds like they will be doing exactly what government asked. No complaints from us, shutdown guys!
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    Are you still getting paid during Lockdown? Are you at home on Leave?

    Been at home since a week before the lockdown. Not great because I didn't go out much that week and now I can't go out. Expecting my electricity bill to go up because I'm still expected to work as usual (just remote). :laugh: On a serious note, companies that charge their employees for...
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    Long queues at some Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Spar stores on Sunday

    So if you are sick, you aren't allowed to eat. What sh#t is this.
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    Are you working from home?

    When this started we were already asked to work from home if you are vulnerable. Then our head office in the US asked all employees to work from home (US only). And last week they asked all employees (regardless of location) that could, to work from home. Company has like 100k+ employees so...
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    Virus 'god's punishment' of west, says Zimbabwe minister

    Zimbabwe is at new record poverty because of this outbreak. Their currency is crashing hard right now. And there is a very good chance this is going to hurt their food aid they will be needing. It is hurting Zimbabwe more than the West, so I don't quite get his message
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    Stage 0 loadshedding from noon o'clock Sunday

    I also live in an apartment and mounted my inverter behind my fridge. My fridge is in a nook and there was enough space behind it. Can't even tell anything is there. I still went for lead acid tho. There were some cupboards really high up (too high for step ladder), so just put the batteries...
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    Isaac Nape – The South African who is changing the fibre game

    The guy does appear to have a number of articles: One of the papers has a fair number of citations although he isn't the only author.
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    Man's body cut in half after 'running to catch train' at Brackenfell station

    So... maybe he made a tearable decision. Or does this mean his life is on track?
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    Java REST to convert JSON to POJO help needed.

    Holy moly, those POJOs. Maybe get Lombok also...
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    “Culture of fear” is killing Sasol

    I actually don't think BBBEE/AA is the problem with government institutions. I would say the bigger problem is interference by government, so they can bolster support. Many private companies are able to succeed while implementing BBBEE/AA and I think it is thanks to them that a lot of people...
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    South Africa’s land-policy plans a disaster for economy, says US secretary of state

    I think ultimately Milano (or at least my interpretation of it) is correct. If your idea of success is that your chiefs live a great life at the expense of your ordinary citizens who scrape by and live on the brink of starvation (which probably matches pre-colonialist life). By that measure...
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    South Africa’s land-policy plans a disaster for economy, says US secretary of state

    You guys being? Also what were "Apartheid government plans"? I'm not sure what the other guys think will work but the past success is the best predictor of the future success. If you are presented with a plan, that in the past has had 0% success and expect it to succeed you need a good reason...