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    Two women stripped naked, set alight after missing boy's body found in river

    :ROFL: Typical Africa response. "Radical transformation". Just transform it back into "mob justice" :rolleyes: That worked so well for Africa before the evil settlers arrived. So much unimpeded progress was made, corruption did not exist, everyone was pure and all the evil in Africa were...
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    Ideal Place To Build A Large Data Centre In SA

    Far as I know Amazon is building their data center in Cape Town which is an interesting break from the typical Jhb based data centers. Jhb isn't close to any undersea links, so likely that factors into it. Melkbos looks like it has cables running up both sides of Africa (granted SAT3 is old now).
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    South Africa's rand currency 'rigged by banks'

    Serious question, would things like this happen if the country didn't have currency exchange controls.
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    Love-struck Indian jailed for life over mock hijack

    If by romcom you mean something akin to "You" then sure. He not only wanted her to lose her job, he was happy to destroy anyone in his path to accomplish what he wanted regardless of the consequences to them. The guy is sociopath.
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    How China has beat the US in the battle for rare earths

    Why is China the world leader in "rare earth minerals"? (pro tip: it isn't because they are rare) TL;DR they don't give 2 f#cks about the environmental damage they are causing by mining and refining elements that cause tons of radiation and pollution. But hey, we are doing so well with our coal...
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    Huawei wants developers to publish on its app store

    Have you even used Android? Everything happens seamlessly, you don't need to do anything but sign into google and everything downloads. Including your WhatsApp messages, apps, contacts, photos, videos, etc.
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    Huawei wants developers to publish on its app store

    App stores are the no1 reason people don't switch between iPhone and Android. Moving from one Android phone to another is seamless... If it makes use of Google services. When you buy Android you are definitely not buying it for the OS, you are buying it for the playstore & service...
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    Afraid for his life, Durban pastor attacks neighbour’s drone

    Sounds like the Pastor's neighbor needs a good PK. Boundary wall thing already made the situation clear. He lost because he wasn't following the rules but like a typical sociopath that always blames other decided that the other person is obviously in the wrong and therefore should continue to...
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    The most desirable tech employers to work for in SA

    :ROFL::crying: Literally the only reason you'd want to work for those institutions is because you've heard it is a free ride. Who on earths wants to go there to build a prosperous career
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    We are grieving — it feels like losing a family member’

    Property and ownership is a white concept. If you get there first and build there first then it is yours! Back in the day people from these parts probably would have just killed each other if someone built somewhere more desirable. Now it is just about being first.
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    Pupil who 'stabbed' classmate with a spoon over food in court for attempted murder

    Hahahahahahaha, oh wait, you are being serious?
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    Pupil who 'stabbed' classmate with a spoon over food in court for attempted murder

    A lot of men get very aggressive around 18, even I will admit I was difficult at that age combined with being in your prime (ie> physical strength) Having a lot of men at this age in your school is not a good environment for sure. It is hard because these guys should be allowed to get education...
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    A dangerous number of South African IT professionals are leaving

    I work for months at a time in the US, either in Seattle or San Jose and the place is pretty much full of Chinese and Indian people. So not sure what Australia is doing, but the USA is the technology leader (at least for the time being) and they are mostly hiring people from China & India...
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    Pupil who 'stabbed' classmate with a spoon over food in court for attempted murder

    Both the stabber and stabbed are 19... Wonder which grade.