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    Eskom offers staff cash packages to leave

    Does the 400 mil cover the 16000 excess staff Eskom has?
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    The Brexit Thread

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    Western Cape continues to be a beacon of hope
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    The Brexit Thread

    Brexit was not a purely economic decision.
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    The real reason for load-shedding - And it's not what Eskom is telling you

    AA/BEE will destroy any company. Including monopolies.
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    Western Cape continues to be a beacon of hope
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    South African union takes legal step to stop Eskom pension plan

    Seems like Solidarity is the only union willing to stand up for the South African people.
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    19 new bank branches where you can get your South African smart ID and passport in 2020

    When will Capitec start offering this service?
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    South Africans are using almost half their salaries to pay off debt

    This is a global trend as cost of living rises yet wages remain stagnant. Boomers had it a lot easier than Millennials/Gen Z.
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    The Brexit Thread

    Salty remainers will never stop whining. Britain will do just fine without the European Union.