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    Cheapest backup power options to survive load-shedding

    Anyone have a decent 24 inch monitor to recommend to me that works of modified sine wave ? I have a Dell p series and it refuses to work with an inverter
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    I'm definitely being throttled/shaped on vox pure DSL. Ran my afrihost account for a few hours and had no issues
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    It's highly likely that you can. I currently have 2 running on the same cable. Be sure to tell the technician exactly what you want. And also provision for a month or 2 where you'll need to pay for 2 internet lines
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    A little too late. Been with AH for 6 years. 2 weeks ago I signed up with another isp.
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    I've been on vox pure dsl for about 2 weeks now. I've noticed reduced quality in dstv streaming. I thought I was going mad. I plugged in an Afrihost dsl line that I still have active, and the quality improved. What I noticed on my network monitor is that, on the AH line I was getting download...
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    Axxess - How long till it activates?

    I signed up with them on Thursday. Hopefully it gets sorted quickly. I've already started behaving like I have uncapped [emoji23]
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    10Mbps DSL versus 10Mbps fibre - Prices compared

    I had a fault on my line 2 weeks ago. Logged a fault at about 10am. Technician pitched up at 3pm that day. Said he was going to escalate it as the fault is at the exchange. Next day a group of 3 people came and fixed it. I think it also depends on the area you're in
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    Axxess - How long till it activates?

    @RVR , how long did it take from the time you ordered to the time openserve pitched up to install ?
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    Telkom ADSL Speed Upgrades

    I'm on 20mb and they told me my exchange doesn't support vdsl modulation [emoji22]
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    Thinking of taking out Vox dsl pure connect. I'm currently with another isp and I have about 99% uptime. Can anyone comment on the vox network quality? Prices seem too good to be true
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    Afrihost Pure DSL

    @AfriNatic , any idea if afrihost will be lowering their prices for DSL? Most major ISP's have already lowered.
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    Afrihost unveils Pure DSL – Uncapped, unthrottled and unshaped broadband

    I currently have 20mb capped. DSL line with afrihost. Telkom landline with Telkom obviously. Any idea if I can cancel with Telkom ?
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    Drivers license renewal during lockdown

    Any idea if they're open? I want to collect my licence and I live quite far.
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    Cell C Network Issues: Disconnects, Coverage, Throughput Problems - Report Here

    Does anyone from cell c read this forum? I reported an issue 3 days ago and I can honestly hear a pin drop in here