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    Haval/GWM Cars

    The reviews are suggesting that boot is large but it looks tiny to me. Hatchback-size even...
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    How's that snow forecast looking? Surely very late in the year for snow in the Cape?
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    Haval/GWM Cars

    I agree with this. We're still enjoying both of our Havals, which are now a year old: one H6C (essentially the old H6) and one H6 (essentially the old Jolion). No complaints so far. Reliable. Luxury fittings. Looks great. Ok one complaint would be fuel economy which has been poor. Lots of town...
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    Digital Covid-19 vaccine passport for South Africa launching "in just over a week"

    I'm still getting this error. Is it just a case of trying again and again until it finally works?
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    SpaceX Inspiration4 flight lands

    Was really amazing to follow this whole flight in real-time. What an achievement [emoji573]
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    SpaceX sends four civilians into space

    Ya. He does seem a genuinely nice oke. With tons of cash. Currently orbiting the planet. Me? Jealous? Never!
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    SpaceX sends four civilians into space

    True story. A great series. Obviously carefully curated, but still some lovely insights into the 4 people and the mission. The live launch this morning was epic [emoji573]
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    Swimming Pool Heating

    Anyone have recommendations of a company in Cape Town to install the solar heater system? Googling brings up lots of options but also some pretty bad reviews for some places. Pool is about 40sqm and about 45kl
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    Are new ovens the same size as old ovens?

    Like the old one or the new one?
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    Frogfoot out again

    Mine is back up now. Milnerton.
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    [09 June 2021] **Update** Load shedding suspended from 20:00. Stage 1 on Sat & Sun between 17:00 and 20:00

    Thanks for the info. Every year when there is loadshedding, I add one of them to my Takealot wish list. Every year, just before pulling the trigger, loadshedding comes to an end magically, and doesn't return for many months. By which time I've forgotten how bad it always is. This might be the...
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    [09 June 2021] **Update** Load shedding suspended from 20:00. Stage 1 on Sat & Sun between 17:00 and 20:00

    Was just looking at an advert for one of those. What all do you have plugged into yours?
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    Vodacom now offers the Nokia 2720 Flip with 28-day battery life

    Same here. Looks great. Price is ridiculous, though. Hard to believe to be honest.
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    Bought new house, but smells horrible. Please help

    I've had this experience but when renting, not buying. We washed down all the walls All the cupboards. Sugar soap. Bleach. Then repainted the whole inside of the house (subsidized by the landlord) That pretty much got rid of the smell. Which was unbearable when we moved in. Also had the...
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    Bed in a box?

    Weird. I've had really easy interactions with them so far. First double mattress neerly a year old now. Still great. Just ordered the second one. Arrived within about a week. Would recommend.