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    FNB Global Account

    Thanks, this really helped.
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    FNB Global Account

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    FNB Global Account

    Hi there, Does anyone have an FNB Global Account and Is there any hidden fees? It just seems to good to be true to have no fees (Besides commission on transfers) and get 10 annual free visits to lounges worldwide. Also can someone please tell me what the following fees are for: ▪Exchange...
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    Everyone must cancel their Vodacom contracts and stop buying data - Lesufi

    Do they honestly think people will boycott Vodacom? I understand that Mr Makate “Invented” The please call me and he should be compensated but now he is just being greedy and let’s be honest, once he gets paid all those people getting involved will want a share.
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    Afrihost panel not displaying data allowance/usage last 2 days....

    I have the same issue and I have the 55GB package and I got an sms saying that 50% has already been used.
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    Unable to view balance

    I also got a message saying that I used 50% of my data and I have the 55GB package.
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    Unable to view balance

    Hi, Sorry if this question has already been asked, but does anyone else have issues where data shows 0mb when checking the data balance in client zone?
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    Hi, Just wanted to know about the FNB ebucks programme, for e.g. If I spend R2000 on takealot I earn eb20000, can I use the eb20000 to buy something in the ebucks store? For some reason it seems to good and there has to be catch to earning and spending ebucks? P.s I have a gold cheque...