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    AMD EPYC VPS Beta Testers Required - Round 2 - More awesomeness

    @Jade, Are custom ISO's allowed on these VPS? And does the current VPS breakout over optinet?
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    Home Connecta Flexi

    Got a sim and took it for a test drive. In full fixed LTE coverage. High Site 200 metres away. Signal below -50dBm. Using a Huawei B618. Most times sub 1mbps, lucky to peak at 4 or 5mbps. Netflix does not load, speedtest battles along. Placing my MTN fixed LTE sim in the router, and hitting...
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    Chip shortage delays Unlimited Air Fibre rollout in South Africa

    Same thinking here, no real world tech reviews of Tarana Wireless. Only a few videos online of men in suits saying how wonderful their devices are standing on a roof. I have hunted for spec sheets and real world tests of these devices, came up empty.
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    Wanted ‐ Huawei B818

    Hey all, Anyone selling a used unit or know where to get a Huawei B818? I have hunted high and low, seems no one has stock.
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    [09 June 2021] **Update** Load shedding suspended from 20:00. Stage 1 on Sat & Sun between 17:00 and 20:00

    This I feel will be short lived. Weekends are normally very low demand periods. Next week Eskom will be like 'Stage 2, 4, 3 oh no wait, sorry people Stage 1.' Can they not delare permanent Stage 2 or 3 or 4 for about x number of months or whatever and get their a$$ into high gear and sort the...
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    [09 June 2021] **Update** Load shedding suspended from 20:00. Stage 1 on Sat & Sun between 17:00 and 20:00

    If we are currently at Stage 4, the schedules are wrong. We missed 2 slots today at stage 2 and Stage 4. We have not gone off according to the published schedules here.
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    What happens if South Africa’s electricity grid fails

    You missed the point. Maybe I have the wrong night sorry. Will double check.
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    What happens if South Africa’s electricity grid fails

    It depends how you look at it, as I see it. Eskom using Peaking Plants as Base Load is really not a good Idea. So we should remove all Peaking Plant figures, as they are just that, for peak and emergencies. The whole point of peaking plants is to temporarily fill a gap in a Jam. If you add up...
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    [31/05/2021] Stage 2 loadshedding from 16:00 this afternoon until 05:00 tomorrow morning

    At some point Stage 2 will be permanent, moving to higher Stages here and there. It is no secret Eskom have been running all available generation very hard to meet demand for a while now. Adding to the fact that the available capacity/generation has actually been declining over the last 3 years...
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    Rental for WiFi tower?

    Is the wisp beneficial to the local area? Do they offer a good service to an under serviced area? If so, one hand washes the other. Remember most WISP's do not have deep pockets like the cell networks. Cell networks have millions of subscribers and rack in billions of Rands a year. Most...
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    Axxess and Openserve bad all round services

    Were you forced to move from LTE to Fiber? Why cancel the LTE before the fiber is working? If the internet is of utmost importance, why not keep the LTE connection as a backup for when your fiber is down in the future? Lastly, you applied for a 'Best Effort' service, which clearly points out...
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    Using liquid natural gas powerships for emergency power is a mistake - Chris Yelland

    Could Solar and Wind not be tied to Hydro pump storage? Yes they will be massive plants, but the excess energy generated from Solar and Wind could be used to pump water up and then in turn used during peak times. The Hydro dams would need to be sized correctly and build simultaneously with the...
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    Auditor-General says SA Post Office commercially insolvent - Report

    “However, in the short to medium term, we fully expect that the National government will support SAPO’s efforts in dealing with these legacy issues,” she added. So I guess, it is not the ANC to blame for poor governance and the inability to deal with corruption. So it must be Apartheid?
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    Rain denies throttling 5G speeds on Premium package

    Did he check his ethernet port speed was sitting at 1gbps and possibly not stuck at 100mbps?