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    Will Vodacom support iPhone 4 Hotspot With iOS 4.3?

    Try Reset Network Settings: Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings Then look for personal hotspot (maybe restart the device, remove/insert SIM)
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    Vodacom SMS Roaming Rates - USA

    Hi, I'm currently in the USA and am on Vodacom SMS Roaming (I'm on a Talk 120s contract). The network operator I've picked up is T-mobile. Can anyone help me with the rates that I'll be paying for sending and receiving an SMS? The T-Mobile international rates are: $0.35 to send and $0.05 to...
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    Excellent Service from Openweb/MrBeeps

    I'm in charge of IT for a small company and have recently moved over to Openweb's uncapped 4mbps on IS fibre backbone for R2899pm from Telkom ISP. So far so good in terms of the bandwidth quality, everyone in the office seems quite pleased. I must make a special comment to MrBeeps from...
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    A wrap up on the latest smart phones

    Hi everyone, thought I'd put up a quick review on the latest smartphones after all the hype over the past couple of weeks :) It doesn't go into the in depth technical details, but skims the major pros and cons of what's on the market... Click