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    So my wife went grocery shopping...

    also paid R28 for hand sanitiser...then found a cheaper one at Pep store! feel so stupid.
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    Holiday Recommendation (Bucket list)

    beautiful, clean, quiet & very cheap
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    Cruise Ships

    I'm back & in 1 piece :) Brazil cruise is lekka, only downside is that 90% of the announcements onboard the cruiseship are in portugese - so was abit worried that I might miss importnat info...But, had fun nonetheless!
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    Holiday Recommendation (Bucket list)

    Was in South America for 3 weeks in December (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay) zika virus
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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    takelot150 code has reached its limit :popcorn: will park here for new codes
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    Huge SAA flight cancellations

    probably more than the industry average
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    Huge SAA flight cancellations

    thats a relief...for now
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    Huge SAA flight cancellations

    yes, I'm going to Brazil
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    Huge SAA flight cancellations

    this is very bad...
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    Huge SAA flight cancellations

    I think its safe to say - this will be my last flight I ever take with SAA.
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    Huge SAA flight cancellations

    I'm one of those unfortunate customers :( Paid for SAA tickets in June-supposed to fly 1st week of Dec :(
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    Takealot voucher coupon codes

    i get my items everytime
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    Have you chosen to remain single or co-habit? why? why not?

    I dont picture myself getting married or having more kids (got 1 & thats enough). Having a partner is great-living with him...not so sure I wanna even try that option.
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    Who bought a Takealot rugby world cup TV?

    i missed out-was tempted to buy
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    Mini bus Taxi industry. How much woulld it cost to place my 22 seater taxi in the Johannesburg/Pta route?

    There's no new certificates being issued...the only way to get that Bosman-Park station route is to buy a certificate from an existing owner. Around 50k & hope u dont get defrauded because he has to register the taxi under his name in order for it to operate.