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    Immense price cuts on Vumatel

    odd you guys left out the first ISP, MTS who notified their customers?
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    Vumatel Price change

    no issues personally to speak of - a few down times here and there but resolved relatively quickly - they a bit of a smaller ISP so support times are office hours - but they do get back to you - and seem more proactive with issues (even after hours and weekends) but as other have advises wait...
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    Vumatel Price change

    ok i'm going to be honest and say it can be a bit frustrating - and I had lot of help from both my old ISP and new ISP. moved from Rocketnet to MTS - both did all the work and Vumatel just gave uphill kept saying old ISP did not release - old ISP said they did - in my mind it was the ISP -...
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    Vumatel Price change

    is it like one of those Beetlejuice things where you need to say his name 3 times for him to appear?
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    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    People who put their phone on speaker , hold it in their hand and drive - as if that's somehow better
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    How to tell when LPG gas cylinder should be refilled?

    yes you would think but wait till there is a shortage and / or you run out on the day when your regular dealer doesn't have stock and you stuck looking around. Trust me its better to have 2 9Kg isn't big doesn't take up extra space.
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    Cost of Pre-Paid Electricity

    is this municipality (if so which one) , Eskom direct or some private prepaid vendor
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    Geyser question

    lol i do the same - annoys me that this isn't a standard. like anything there is an issue have to shut off the whole house (except the toilet that's the only thing that seems to come with a semi decent shut off valve standard)
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    Geyser question

    simple as everyone said no non return valve installed on geysers. i imagine this happens whenever water is cut off - people end up inadvertently emptying their geysers
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    E-tolls to be scrapped, says MEC, but then backtracks

    lol etoll bills , not even the informal recyclers open those
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    Telkom Wireless phones.

    i wanted to say something about older people and tech but let's be respectful of our elders :) also my inlaws did the same hence i knew
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    Telkom Wireless phones.

    for her it's exactly the same in terms of billing -tey probably gave her the unit with the sim card in already - just ask her if she has the phone plugged in to power
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    Vumatel Price change

    lol if your ISP bills in advance they will make a little extra from you by waiting till after 01 July
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    Why load shedding and not brown outs?

    Not exactly what you suggesting but city power tried something a few years back (Think there was an article and thread about it on MYBB) - they would signal the resident and they would advise them to lower consumption by x amount if they did they would not be load shed - if they didn't then...
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    Vodacom cell upgrade

    Vodacom lets you upgrade a few months months early, but you need to pay the remainder of the original 24 months contract, its nothing wrong you still legally owe them for the phone they letting you get it early but you still liable for the old phone(handset fee) from just under 2 years ago. MTN...