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    Explora installation

    ah so wire going to nowhere basically - you could try swapping if you think the port is a bit messed up - doubt it but worth a try ya try the extra cable if its that then cool if not then the midge left , smidge right test is the way to go - but if the entire dish is not aligned eish I found...
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    Explora installation

    the unused port without a terminator is a legacy port - so for old non PVR type decoders. LNB Skew you could try tilting slightly I can't for the life of me remember the exact degree but I think 4 O'clock is what i used to aim for (the lnb head part being the hour hand and the dish being the...
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    vaccination side affects

    Pfizer shot 2 done and dusted so far only side effect - my card failed once this morning might have been Samsung pay not used the 5G
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    Geyser conversion/replacement

    I would say go convert your solar - plus with the size of your geyser it will be way under your budget As for the 12v motor approach - i saw WTF are they talking about :) I assume they referring to the pump (can be 12v solar or 220v grid) - both are so small you can't hear anything :) and...
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    same , though i got a multiplug with switches , and i label the plugs so if i want to save power i just flip the switch of the devices i don't need to use
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    Dear DStv - technical faults thread

    you think? i think you should check first what they charge. yes, if you have 1 decoder with pvr you pay R105 extra. add a second decoder even with pvr its still included in that first R105 so if you have it and hardly use it, no brainer its still not paying extra so worth it , but for the...
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    Mind The Speed - portal is up

    pings average 2-5ms on Speed tests
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    Changes for electricity meters in South Africa – what you should know

    Lucky for you I'm in a good mood stil :) Dude - they cracked those yonks ago - they have had the issue with these ghost tokens being accepted for a while now - -i'm actually thinking this upgrade finally fixes that issue
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    Fibre - Overhead vs Underground

    depends do you prefer being on top or bottom?
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    I want my DSL refund,how can you help me?

    We sincerely Apologise for your bad experience, do note this is not normally an issue and refunds are processed in advance. We will investigate why this issue occurred and will personally endeavour that it does not occur in the future. I have spoken to our accounts team and they have confirmed...
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    vaccination side affects

    Some people are not Anti Vax but are apprehensive about new technology (MrNa) so opting for a traditional vaccine hence J&J Where possible.
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    vaccination side affects

    you don't feel the pain is because your arm is no longer yours, its Bill Gates arm now.
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    Dear DStv - technical faults thread

    which model Smart LNB - it may have 4 ports but not all 4 will be Unicables(satcr) depending on model if its the LMX 501 it has 3 unicable ports so will be fine. just my two cents you spending an extra R105 a month just for a decoder you using occasionally?
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    Blood Pressure...

    we are active on Mybroadband :ROFL: