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    Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge

    Weeks after watching his Prototype review I almost forgot about this. While he gave reasons why each game is equally good he didn't say which is better. To decide this he asked the two studious to each send him an image of the rival game's main character in a dress or lingerie. The results...
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    Funny Wikipedia T-shirt

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    New Touch Diamond

    The newest version of HTC's touch is here..just a few months after their last Touch :confused: It looks frikkin cool and the new interface (TouchFLO 3D) is pretty great, it seems to use Opera 9 mobile as its standard browser (no PIE :)), a dedicated GPU for graphics (so no TouchFLO 3D ROMs for...
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    Tags/Tag cloud=awesome!

    All the jokes, weird crap and the occasional useful word you tag threads with end up here: Looks frikkin awesome! Can we have a more direct link to it, mods/rpm? like having it at the top?