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    Home Connecta Flexi

    They can't really make up their mind on this
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    It is official, Port Elizabeth has a new name — Gqeberha

    lmao this is gold. when ordering stuff online I guess i'm gonna have to google what city i'm in since I won't be able to remember the name
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    I honestly cannot believe I'm paying $470pm for this...

    Rain has definitely went downhill since the lockdown started. I recommend you check out supersonic or telkom for the time being until you get fibre coverage since both of these options are much better than anything rain 4G can provide to users with congested towers. I'm currently using telkom...
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    Monice 450gb night data

    Mine was removed on all 3 of my sims a year or two back. I wonder if anyone even still has that offer available to them anymore
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    Off-peak vs Unlimited

    aint that the truth lmao
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    Wanted: Rain 4G Sim

    Still better then the speed im getting during the day, I barely break 1mb/s. I miss the days when I could still have like 20mbps during the day
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    RAIN LTE-A: Speedtests

    Meanwhile in PE using a huawei b618-22d Ping 21ms Download 0.65Mbps Upload 9.17Mbps
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    Dlamini-Zuma extends South Africa’s national state of disaster

    Need another month to steal the little bit that's left
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    450GB for R59 valid 30 days

    Just found this. No idea why telkom would put a speed cap on a nightsurfer bundle but oh well...
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    450GB for R59 valid 30 days

    I get 1-2mbps from 12-1 then 10mbps from 1-5 and then back to 1-2mbps during 5-7. Changing bands do not work since I have a different telkom sim running at 70mbps using normal data
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    450GB for R59 valid 30 days

    I have tried the new 100GB deal, speed is capped heavily
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    What has been your typical Rain 4G connection speed this past week?

    Why do some people complain, it's no use. Rain is a best effort service, if you aren't satisfied then just cancel. They even offer a money back option for the duration of the lockdown
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    Rain wotk on a usb dongle?

    as long as it supports 4G it should work
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    Are speeds capped on this package?

    Is the 450GB nightsurfer still a thing? Havent had it on any of my sims in months