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    Easy Equities good or bad?

    Whether it's considered income or capital gains is purely down to the intention of the investor if the period held is <3 years.
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    Cape Independence – A chimera or potential reality?

    No, they did not hand out citizenship. They gave them what is called "settled status", and the standard route to citizenship still applies (first ILR, then naturalisation).
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    What is the best country to invest in Aftica?

    Ghana. A couple of my clients have operations there and growth has been insane.
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    Updated lockdown rules for gatherings in South Africa – including gyms

    Most people in gyms aren't wearing masks when doing vigorous exercise. They are also breathing in/out at multiple times the rate of your average shopper, thereby increasing the chance of spreading viral loads. Also, gym is less of a necessity than buying food, and people on average spend more...
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    You're 100% correct here. The price will reflect the dividend payout on ex div date. And maybe drop even more.
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    Some of my good picks this year: NYSE:JEPI - healthy yield of 8% and it also has decent growth, with a low expense ratio (0.3%) LON:SHI - 100%+ growth this year. Bit of a gamble, but has paid off huge. Cashed in profit already. LON:VWRA - core of my portfolio, low volatility all world ETF, low...
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    Some decent picks there I think. My post was a dig at the $T selection, which has turned out to be a lemon.
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    Stock Picks - Darlings and Dogs

    Listen very carefully to the stock picks of rvZA. Then short them.
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    [09 June 2021] **Update** Load shedding suspended from 20:00. Stage 1 on Sat & Sun between 17:00 and 20:00

    No load shedding here since last year. For once, ANC incompetence is working for me.
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    Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize considerings resigning following alleged involvement in tender scandal

    Yes, and as per my post, he's not qualified for that either! Jokes aside, it does seem a bit daft that they have a deputy position which doesn't really serve the purpose intended.
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    How high will loadshedding get in June?

    If you look at City Power's Twitter, you'll notice they usually have many large areas experiencing power failures simultaneously. I think that might be reducing the load shedding stage we're on. Last week half of Bryanston was off for 30 hours.
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    Bitcoin Thread

    I had so much FOMO after I sold my BTCE when BTC was at 52K and then kept rising. Now I'm quite relieved I got out then.
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    Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19 yet?

    What's interesting is that I had not registered on Discovery, only EVDS. I also like the way they call it people exploiting loopholes and jumping the queue - all I did was answer all the questions correctly!