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    IT Salaries in South Africa vs the United States

    So you admit it varies greatly, then use the average salary as a baseline for new York, one of the most expensive cities in the world. The average income for an individual in New York in 2019 was about R1m/year, your average in that table doesn't even match that for skilled jobs. I don't...
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    iOS 14 and WatchOS 7 released.

    Are you sure the video has 4k source?
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    iOS 14 and WatchOS 7 released.

    iOS 14 brings AV1 decode support, so yep. iOS 14 is probably one of the most impactful releases they've done in a while, better codec support mean that we might finally get cross platform apps to adopt AV1 as their norm, so bandwidth saving for both, widgets for users, better search, nicer...
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    WATCH | Runaway fires destroy 100 000ha of Free State farmland

    So that's the end for those farmers then unless insurance pays out (if they could even get/afford that).
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    Cadbury's chocolate shrinkflation Note the price per 100g, that's about R25/100g.
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    Rain has no plans to stop offering uncapped data packages

    No, they can do uncapped, just need to upgrade the infrastructure, it's the same argument as DSL had. Once spectrum auctions finalize, we'll see what happens, since Rain's temporary allocation during lock down wasn't in a band they could use...
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    Cadbury's chocolate shrinkflation

    "Large" is currently 150g:,-Bags-&-Packs/Chocolate-Slabs/CADBURY-SLAB-WHOLE-NUT-150GR/p/000000000000626248_EA And "normal" is 80g...
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    Forget AR glasses. Augmented reality is headed to your windshield

    Still find it crazy how long it's taking just to put the speedometer on the window. My prius 2nd gen has it, that's pre 2015, how is it still not a basic feature or at least an optional.
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    Cell C posts R7.5-billion net loss after tax

    It definitely is big enough to sustain 4 networks. The issue with CellC was bad management (CellC), lack of good spectrum (government) and the termination rate fiasco (government). The lack of good spectrum means that one has to roll out more towers to serve the same number of people, so higher...
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    South Africa’s updated list of high-risk countries comes at a cost

    Most higher end tourism comes from those 4 countries, China is of course missing on this list, but with it it would probably be a large percentage of those tourists. The tourism sector is being decimated by government incompetence.
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    Project / progress management software

    Jira Trello Asana Azure Devops Of those, for your use case, probably Jira.
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    Capitec ranked as South Africa’s best-performing bank

    Pretty sure it was about that to begin with, they just haven't adjusted based on inflation I think. They used to not say what the amount was if I remember correctly. I do wonder what impact splitting Investec and Ninety One had on how they manage their balance sheets, does it reduce the...
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    how to record a section of the screen you select in windows into video

    Just set it up once. To set the video settings: Hit settings bottom right, go to video, set your resolution, recommend going base as same res as your monitor, then output scale to 1280x720 is usually fine, Lancos is usually a good downscale, 30 fps is fine. Then go to output and set video...
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    Capitec ranked as South Africa’s best-performing bank

    Investec is mostly skilled or very high earners (due to requirements to bank there, R800k pa req, R600k for youth, though they check every case and you can be declined if higher or accepted if lower on the normal package) . Can we take that as an indication of skilled people leaving? EDIT: Also...
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    Not such a great move to Absolute Hosting

    Windows hosting comes with a nice premium, and will definitely not go away any time soon while people need to keep .net framework, mail servers, etc. running. Dumb question, is there a second machine at the home address that also has the mail service set up/is set to old credentials?