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    MaMkhize shows off her latest gift: A Rolls-Royce worth R16 million

    If one is rolling around in Ferraris and Lambos and Rolls' from signing off middle-man paperwork for building houses for the poor (at the state coffer's costs that could have gone into further housing or state healthcare theatre equipment etc) then I will leave the possible reasons up to your...
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    Parastatals needing to be scrapped: Create your list

    Create your list of 1 to 5. With 1 being the most urgent to be scrapped (fiscus drain, incompetence etc) to less urgent. You can provide reasons underneath or beside your list if you wish. For me: 1- SAA (unnecessary and expensive) 2-SAPO (unnecessary and incompetent) 3-Telkom (completely...
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    Meat cut prices craziness...

    Yes. The steak prices- no complaints. (Btw - various spars in upper highway have same or similar prices) but cheap cuts being more expensive is something I can't find a reason for. One thing I thought of was that demand vs supply- I have lived in mostly afrikaans areas in my life and steaks have...
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    Meat cut prices craziness...

    Hi all. This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I can't immediately find it so I'll assume this is a new thread topic. Wtf is going on with prices of meat cuts versus EACH OTHER. I am not necessarily complaining about the cost of beef cuts in general, but versus each other. Let's take a...
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    Cele learnt 'by chance' the police has not processed DNA evidence in 2 months

    Guys! We are nearly free! Almost there. Won't be any tax enforcement. Won't be any law enforcement. Won't be any property ownership rights enforcement. We will be able to do as we please. The hospitals will be overflowing with 50x above CPI admin staffers but no equipment or pharmaceutical...
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    Mboweni ‘not oblivious’ to South Africa’s shrinking tax base, as emigration numbers rise

    Ffs. Once again- Africa thinking the opposite of the rest of the world's logic. Instead of arguing the small stuff, how about acknowledging that the tax base that pays for your family's healthcare and education and infrastructure etc etc etc is disappearing due to sh*hole government policies and...
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    A warrant of arrest has been issued for ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule.

    It almost feels as if these people are trolling. It almost feels as if the ANC and MKMVA and EFF and a whole sh*t-ton of others are trolling. Always doing the complete opposite of what the morals and logic of the rest of the civilised world have been brought up doing and understanding and...
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    Expiring vaccines doomed South Africa’s rollout plans from the start: report

    Ja. Also thought similar about that R450mil meds that "have to be destroyed" after the military left the fridge door open last month. One wonders if the meds were ever real meds? Or just huge funds changing filthy hands to buy vials of water that never need to be tested cos they have to be...
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    Home loans for people who can afford home loans?

    Yes. I have been working in private practice previously for many years and more recently in department of health for 8years. But they don't seem to want to know about it. Just what current job is. Unfortunately.
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    Home loans for people who can afford home loans?

    Well, I guess it then amounts to this: Banks won't take the risk on a professional worker with many years of experience, a clean credit record, no debt and just happens to have moved town in the last year so doesn't have sufficient time-based income history from this current work even though the...
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    Home loans for people who can afford home loans?

    It shouldn't be. But it seems to be. It seems to be a resounding 'No!' if you are self employed for less than 2 or 3 years. Even if you earn a billion randelas per month and want a bond on a dog kennel the bond originators won't allow you to speak a single word further unless you have ticked...
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    Home loans for people who can afford home loans?

    Interesting idea. Will ask my tax oke about that for his opinion.
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    Home loans for people who can afford home loans?

    It seems you feel the same way about bond originators that I do.
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    Home loans for people who can afford home loans?

    I hear you. But it kills me to be paying rent for someone else's bond for 2 or 3 years when i am more than able to pay my own.