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    I know how to get rid of Load Shedding.

    We are all sick of load shedding... all these schedules to keep up with and being without power for 2.5 to 5 hours in a single day just sucks. I can't imagine the loss for businesses. So, how can this be fixed? Well, let us first identify the main problem why "Load Shedding" does not work...
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    TV Show Trailers Thread

    Bored of your current series? Need to get updates on new TV shows? Want to know what shows are you currently missing out on? This is the place to be! To trailer uploaders: Please use the "Insert video" button when posting (or manually use tags) Please try to use YouTube links, if available...
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Tried to use the voucher code they sent me tonight, and it didn't work... then after 30 minutes of re-doing the checkout and typing codes, I realized it expired the 21st of November. WHUT? Damn these things expire fast; 2 DAYS after they e-mail you in fact :wtf: What kind of coupon only lasts 2...
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    Does anyone Remember _______ ?

    Does anyone Remember Constructor ? What things do you fondly remember, that people have pretty much forgotten about over the years?
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    Attention Helderberg ADSL Users (Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Strand)

    Hey Guys, We are finally on the map, under consideration for VDSL 20/40 Mbps. This doesn't mean we will be getting it, but they are considering it. Brothers, Can I please ask for your hand in support? Simply go to the following link and let Telkom know you would like VDSL in your area...
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    Can anyone tell me how long to cook prawns in this thing? They are already de-shelled, and have the average, medium size.
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    Take that shlt back and get a philips airfryer man, it's gonna be R1400 at game in 2 days (From 17th - 24th)
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    But..... 45 Minutes to make Chips? Ugh, no thanks.
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    This looks cool;jsessionid=7D84BAAADA5123EC9B4344E19AD54A3E.app101-drp4
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    Done! Post some of your favorite items & time/temp settings!
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    Philips Airfryer - Recipe Database

    Mission: To have a thread filled with frying times & temperatures for popular supermarket products, along with tasty home made recipes. All posts will be indexed in the first post, linking to the post containing all the details. Rules: This thread is not for discussions about the philips...
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    What do you guys think of my thread idea: We post the item (perhaps a photo of the product) and also temp + total time to get it perfect... I'm sure some of you have your favorites and have the time/temp down to a science :p We could also post non store bought items - recipes. The recipe book...
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    Where can we buy the optional extra's then? The divider is just a piece of metal, seriously why could they just not include this :confused:
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    Philips Airfryer - anyone have?

    I just bought the Philips Airfryer, and when we opened the box we couldn't find the divider thing nor the baking tray... what gives? We got the black one... is there a different model or something I don't know about?
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    Bitcoin Predictions Thread

    What are your predictions for Bitcoin? Let's hear your opinions, and maybe we can look back at this thread in the future and see who made good predictions. Will it become a global currency? Just a part of it? Will most of the population hold on to government funny money forever? What happens if...