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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    A man with his heart in the right place
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    Telkom is killing itself

    This only took 5 months to do - first dispute on 15 October 2018 after I agreed to move from ADSL to Fibre in June 2018 and Telkom neglected to cancel the ADSL, thus double charging me till February 2019. Telkom suspended lines and refused to accept cancellation on mail or on portal until R7k...
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    I cannot cancel my Telkom account - Tell your story here.

    Still ongoing: Hi Boitumelo. I would say that the complaint cannot be closed. The reason being noted in the script received from yourself: “Dispute: 27024220 has been logged and escalated to Credit Management to arrange credit to the Fibre Account, we will be following up on the matter to...
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    Woolworths scraps Valentine's campaign after outrage

    Maybe they can use this poster to sell more brooms for Valentines, I would buy 1.
  5. K Offline - taking cancelling your service to new level! Offline - taking cancelling your service to new level!
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    I cannot cancel my Telkom account - Tell your story here.

    Guys, If you want to see a joke, look at the TELKOM Facebook page. Only insults, warning of bad service, complaints..... with TELKOM on the other side telling users how EXCELLENT they are. So I joined in and posted this to TELKOM Facebook - will it stay up? Yes, they do not give a ****...
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    I cannot cancel my Telkom account - Tell your story here.

    Yes, I am still with Telkom. Trying to get out since 15 October 2018. Phoning is useless - same bull every time, log a dispute, it gets closed, nothing changes, the dispute closed message does not actually give the outcome, phone again...... Log it on the website - does not work...
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    Name and Shame: Unauthorised Debit Orders Thread

    Mutual Direct. - Stealing from me since January 2018 - R4800 odd rand. Can I go to cops and lay a fraud charge? They claim to be investigating ref: 20169542 but all I get is 'we are still investigating' Does anyone here know where I can physically go and meet these people? I am in Pretoria.
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    I cannot cancel my Telkom account - Tell your story here.

    Attached is a copy of my script available on the Telkom internet portal: Telkom offered to upgrade me from ADSL to Fibre, I accepted and fibre was installed. A few months later they suspended the service claiming that I owed them more money than the amount reflecting on the monthly account...
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    Did CellC oversell broadband capacity?

    So CellC is now - unavailable in various areas - since 1 December 2018 the service is not sold anymore and AXXESS will refund you as from 18 December 2018 if your area is not covered anymore. All I can say is: I TOLD YOU SO!
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    Test your mobile network speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Vodacom 4G .... in Derdepoort Pretoria .....@ 15.5Mbps
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    Discovery Bank explains “no whites” share plan

    Business and medical to follow soon: "Hi *****. Please cancel the policy PLAN NUMBER ***********. The last complete day of cover must be 05-12-2018. Personally I regret this action but I feel compelled to push through with my intention as stated previously. Your personal services’ been...
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    AXXESS CellC not working as advertised?

    Although the status on the Axxess Website still reflect a 'Moderate Issue' I am experiencing a 'Severe Issue' as I struggle to do my normal work every evening due to this issue. This issue seem to be congestion related. 2 days in a row the system worked perfectly from around 23:00, only to...